South Ridge Capital LLC, Provider of Financial Solutions

South Ridge Capital is an investments company which is located at Connecticut. The private equity company is renowned for the provision of premium services in the realms of banking and security brokerage. Currently, the company is led by Stephen Hicks who is the CEO. He is responsible for setting the overall strategy of the company, and business development.

The executive team of investment professionals who work at Southridge Capital frequently apply their expertise to refine the set of financial strategies which are used by the company. This has enabled them to leverage their understanding of the market and identify more opportunities for its investors and clients. To date, the structured executive team has successfully made at least $1.8 billion worth of investments.

Southridge Capital LLC has partnered with at least 250 financial companies and has provided the companies with the required experience to carry out a successful execution of their financial plans. Southridge Capital offers exemplary economic analyses services. To get access to these services, the professionals of the firm provide the client with the comprehensive financial statements which agree with the respective fiscal and operational assumptions. This is followed by a detailed optimization of the clients’ balance sheets which assist the firm to advise them on the most effective strategies to maintain the correct balance between their capital, investments, and debt.

Southridge Capital’s business portfolio includes services such as securitization, enhancement of credit, and the provision of premium financial solutions. The company reinforces its structure by considering the liquidity level of the customer concerning their current stock. The financial company also covers the portfolio of other companies to assist with the issues related to companies. The company can achieve this by developing solutions which align with the specific situation. Southridge Capital has vast experience which it acquired while working with more than 250 companies. This extensive experience provides the company with a better understanding of the various concerns of upcoming companies. For more details visit Crunchbase.

South Ridge Capital LLC strongly believes in the importance of philanthropic activities. As such, the company actively contributes to volunteer work and leadership. The CEO started the Daystar Foundation which provides financial aid to the less privileged.



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Talkspace One of the Most Talked About Online Therapy App

The cases of mental illness have been increasing at a massive pace in recent times, and it is mostly because the stress in the lives of the people has increased manifolds in the last few decades. The professional lives of the people are very hectic, and it leaves very little time for them to take care of themselves. Many times, it makes it difficult to balance their personal lives as well that creates further tension. If you are suffering from any mental health issues or feel that you might be helped with counseling, then consulting a therapist is an ideal solution. A therapist would be able to diagnose you professionally and would be able to help you identify the cause of the problem you are facing.

Talkspace is an online platform that was launched in the year 2012 to help people consult with a therapist with ease through their phone itself. As most of the people use smartphones these days, they can easily download the Talkspace app and get connected to the therapist whenever they want. Over a thousand therapists are working with Talkspace, and you can be sure that you would be able to counsel with the licensed and professional therapists at Talkspace. Over a million people have already used the services of Talkspace and have found it to be immensely useful as it doesn’t require them to go anywhere, and they can counsel over chat, e-mail, and even voice and video call. It is the kind of convenience that people are searching for these days.

People who are looking for counseling from a therapist can be sure that Talkspace would be helpful for them. There are many different sites out there, but Talkspace has emerged as the leader in the niche of online counseling. Michael Phelps, the legendary swimming champion has also recently endorsed Talkspace while opening up about his episodes of anxiety and depression. He understands what mental illness can do to a person and feel that people who need help should seek it and Talkspace is the perfect medium to get help with ease and without spending tons of money.

Jeremy Goldstein Host Dinner That Recognizes Mental Illness and the Fountain House

What makes an evening great? Fine dining and wine is the answer to that. And what makes that evening even greater is that the dinner and wine holds a greater cause, mental illness. Mental illness resources are running low all over the world. It isn’t fully understood and the funding in that area is sparse. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: https://www.resumonk.com/Rf4O8IjkZGGkJ1jqlTIPqA and https://lawyers.justia.com/lawyer/jeremy-goldstein-1275422

Here as of late, mental illness has hit the media headlines all over the world because of the spotlight on mental illness deaths. Millions of people every year suffer from mental illness and are not adequately treated. People often withdraw into themselves because of the lack of understanding, low self esteem, and lack of treatment.

Jeremy Goldstein hosted a fabulous meal, along with Jim Finkel and Omar Khan, to support the Fountain House and raise awareness on mental illness. The Fountain House is an organization that supports those with mental illness by rehabiliating them so that they become active and contributing members of society. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

Many that suffer from mental illness can not hold down jobs, maintain a dwelling, and their relationships suffer. Hundreds of people seek help through the Fountain House every year.

The Fountain House also operates and owns a farm in New Jersey called the High Point Farm. Many of the members of the Fountain House work on this farm tending to their crops and alpacas.

The common goal of the Fountain House is to help those suffering with mental illness by teaching them skills, encouraging education and helping them reach their goals in that area, teach them skills in communication so that relationships don’t suffer, and overall building people up so that they can have the confidence to go out into the community to be productive.

The Fountain House is responsible in raising the unemployment rates by 42%. They are also responsible in securing housing for people and those dwellings are maintained with the skill set learned through the Fountain House.

In 2014, the Fountain House was recognized and given the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize. The model of the Fountain house has been duplicated on an international level, reaching 30 countries and 32 states.

Jeremy Goldstein founded his law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. Previously he worked with a very large law firm located in New York. Jeremy Goldstein’s education is extensive as he attended New York University, Cornell University, and the University of Chicago.

His law firm works with many large corporations in various aspects of the corporate world. He has worked with several large corporations such as Duke Energy, Alltel, Chevron, and Bank of America.