Find Out How Guilherme Paulus Became So Successful (It’s Not What You Think!)

Brazilian international entrepreneur and hotelier, Guilherme Paulus, operates the Brazilian touring organization CVC Brasil Operadora as well as GJP Resorts and Hotels, a type of hotel and resort found through the nation.

Paulus started his profession by serving as an intern with IBM and is currently thought of as one of the topmost prominent businessmen in Brazil.

GJP Resorts and Hotels operates now with more than 20 resorts and hotels. It highlights hotels based out of Recife, Maceió, São Paulo, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. The GJP company hires more than 5,000 employees. Since the launch of his initial hotel in 1995, more than 95,000 people have moved through the gates of his premises.

How did the concept for CVC originate?
The concept didn’t come from Guilherme Paulus himself, but it did come from Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who was a state deputy at the time. Guilherme Paulus met Carlos on a ship voyage and he let him know about his willingness to start a tourist company where he lived. At that point, he served in Sao Paulo and since he was really young and didn’t own substantial investment resources, he suggested a partnership in which he comes into work for the investment with Carlos.

He served at Casa Faro but his mind was already committed to the project, so he decided to accept the trial. It had previously been perceived that he possessed a talent for entrepreneurship when they chose to open the shop in a small street at the exit of a theater.

It’s an opportune place with a high volume and flow of shoppers. They were associates for 4 years and then he left the partnership.

How Does a Usual Day Pan Out and How Are You Productive During it?
The business expert begins his day being grateful. He’s positive the the max. One behavior he has is to write his weekly schedule. That’s what makes him more productive and organized.

What is an exciting trend for you?
The application of technology in the daily lives of people is without a doubt one of the things that attracts his attention the most.

Environmentalist Ara Chackerian Applauds Japans Forest Population

Ara Chackerian has had strong opinions when it comes to health matter and the environment. He believes there is no other way of having resources in the future without hard work and care for the existing resources. Cutting down a tree will take a few minutes especially when one has the best cutting tools in the market. Chackerian has ventured into various projects to help protect the environment. He has been working on multiple projects in South Africa that have helped preserve and protect the environment and its surrounding.


Recently he acknowledged Japan’s efforts in trying to maintain a good forest cover. According to his report, Japan has taken up measures to ensure forestation ecosystem remains intact. Due to their many benefits, trees all around the globes have been cut down to cater for these needs. Initially, trees were for charcoal, firewood, and simple construction. With time, man increased tree usage causing a significant forest decrease. To curb this problem, the government in Japan decided to launch a massive forest expansion through the Forestry Agency in the mid-1950’s. This project was to provide the required trees to use in various industries. The project entailed clearing Buna forest and planting some fast-growing trees. By 1985, the artificial forest had grown to 44% from 22 %. Check out to know more.



Despite the action by the government, some parts of the country still have the Japanise Buna trees. Japa Buna Forests are around the southern region of Hokkaido to the Kagoshima Prefecture. These trees are good for some reasons. Firstly they provide wood that can be used as sources of energy, flooring, making objects and furniture. The tree also has a beautiful grain. Its logs can be used to grow mushrooms for the community. Thirty-Four municipal councils in Japan have taken the initiative to plant these trees to promote Buna tree growth and awareness. Ara Chackerianas, an environmentalist, believe all trees should have the opportunity to grow. He supports the decisions taken by the Nature Conservation Societ of Japan and individuals like Tsuchiya Norio and Shida to protect the environment. Check out to know more.


Chackerian believes that clearing the forest will not only destroy tree population but also destroy the lives of animals leaving in that ecosystem.



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