Igor Cornelson acts as advisor and coach for new investors searching for gains

Igor Cornelson emphasizes the power of due diligence…international investments such as the kind he advises his clients on require profound levels of research. Experienced stockholders should take as many factors and angles into account as possible. Not only is business health vital to investments, but also the macroeconomic health of the target country itself.

Igor Cornelson is capable of running circles with some of the most skilled stock market experts globally. His secret? Self-control. Keeping ones emotions under check tends to lead to high-performance, which leads to good decision making, which leads to achieving above average results. Timing and accurate assessment play a major part in success overseas.

Leaders who champion for integrity and transparency build trust fast, especially in the complicated realm of financial assets. Doing good business remains integral to Cornelson’s code of conduct. No matter the culture or laws, those who find success hold respect for jurisdiction in great esteem. They stand to profit the most.

The Brazilian financial star’s ability to navigate various economic environments is known in the industry. Being able to spot strong buying signals in unique opportunities unseen by the majority of analysts around the world bestows the type of notoriety fit for a top stock market advisor.

Cornelson is the type of financial advisor who would more than likely instruct a client to take mainstream media advice on anything stock related with a grain of salt. Often acting as both consultant and private investor, he has discovered the futility of going along with the crowd.

While most active investors are capable of adding value to their portfolios, partnering with an intelligent consultant can shave years off a business’s learning curve by pointing you in the direction of positive gains while shielding you from loss. Honesty, integrity, and reciprocity give Cornelson his edge against a sea of investment professionals.

Glenn Schlossberg Now Owns Cathy Daniels

Glenn Schlossberg was born into the industry of fashion. He worked in a warehouse that was owned by his father, who made dresses. And at that time, Glenn Schlossberg studied fashion at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. He had a goal. And that was to produce garments that were high in quality, great, produce them faster, and at a lower price then what the competition was charging. And Glenn Schlossberg was able to do all this when he found Jump Design Group (aka Jump) and launched the apparel known as Jump in 1990. Under Schlossberg’s leadership, Jump has been successful with capabilities for logistics, manufacturing, and designs. It has locations in New Jersey, New York, and all over the globe.

The brands and designs of Jump can be found in the most well known e-Commerce and established retail organizations on the planet like Lord & Taylor, Zappos, Nordstrom, and Macy’s. Schlossberg has influenced the people close to him and the field of fashion with his spirit of the entrepreneur. Schlossberg believes that he can unlock this kind of spirit in the other people in this industry who are young and just starting out. That is why he spends time teaching others who want to learn about fashion. In fact, Schlossberg visits organizations like the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship to pass on what he learned to others that want to make it in fashion. Linked In

On Prnewswire.com, an article was written about Jump Design Group acquiring Cathy Daniels Apparel and was planning to do upgrades for their platforms.

Jump (see, Linked In) has purchased and now owns all of the assets that are related to Cathy Daniels, including its sportswear label. The Cathy Daniels team will be taking their directions from Jump. And Jerry Passaretti, the president of Cathy Daniels Label, will be joining Jump Design Group to run the development of business. Jump wants to use the latest technology to improve the Cathy Daniels Label so that they can produce the best product for the customers. This will benefit Cathy Daniels, Jump Design Group, and the customers. Visit his Facebook page.