Realizing the Impact of Telemedicine with Ara Chackerian

In the modern economy, you must dedicate your time to bridge technology with the sector you are operating. Ara Chackerian is a successful businessman who has built himself a name in philanthropy. He serves with a professional demeanor in the field of healthcare. In his career, he has spent a considerable amount of time in incorporating technology in healthcare services. His career is noteworthy as he seats several boards of management in the Bay Area. Prior to his interest in healthcare services, he is also focused on supporting community-based projects.

Ara Chackerian devotes his time to support youth development and environmental projects. He is an active team player in a teak farm in Nicaragua – Limonapa teak. This is a program destined to utilize sustainable agricultural practices. Such practices fully utilize available resources rather than spoil the environment. In addition, the farm provides employment to hundreds of people.

His latest venture was inspired by his business partner. Together, they decided to expand outpatient diagnostic radiology centers. The expansion would create space for other services in healthcare. They spent more than a decade building their dream in northern California. In their expansion, they focused on psychiatry space especially on a new device-based treatment for depression known as transcranial magnetic stimulation.

In this new venture, their mission was to design a cost-effective care delivery model. The firm has proudly built seven new facilities spread in the San Francisco Bay area and Sacramento. They have designed a facility where patients feel more relaxed. This is important to psychiatric patients who panic and get bored of being in a doctor’s office.

Ara Chackerian is confident that the facility will provide a long-lasting solution to psychiatric patients. They have invested in a research program that has the potential of making TMS the third pillar of psychiatric care. In addition, digital healthcare is something to pay attention to. Telemedicine has the potential of bringing tremendous growth in the healthcare system.