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Omar Boraie is a Proud Pop Pop

Just like the days leading up to the French revolution, we see the lower class grow in anger toward the upper class. The upper class, those who are corporate leaders and millionaires, are the recipients of much anger and hostility at this time. The lower class see the upper class as the cause of all of their woes. It is the upper classes taking our money. It is the upper class that is preventing us from coming up the latter. It is the upper class that is causing all of this evil.

I believe that there are many people in the upper class who are sinful human beings. I do not believe Sam Boraie is one of those people, however. Omar Boraie has been like a father to the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Everyone in that city loves this man for all that he has done.

According to New Jersey Stage, Omar Boraie has been able to turn around the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Omar Boraie spoke with the powerhouses that be in the city and develop a four-step plan to make New Brunswick a thriving city he knew it could be. He first wanted to start by making the place the kind of city that families wanted to call home. The second part of his plan he wanted to keep jobs in the local area. The third part of his plan he wanted to get a coalition together that would make New Brunswick their number one priority. The fourth, and last, part of his plan was to entice young professionals to set up shop in his area. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Omar Boraie enacted the first part of his four-step plan by reaching out to the State Theater with a proposal. He proposed that the theater would provide the space for him to show movies to the public. Seven movies in all were shown to families, and Omar Boraie covered all cost of admission. The last report said 7500 people were blessed. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms.

Omar Boraie enacted the second step of his four-part plan by convincing Johnson and Johnson to stay in the city.

Omar Boraie then enacted the third step of his four-part plan by reaching out to the movers and shakers of New Brunswick.

Lastly, Omar Boraie enacted the fourth step of his plan by donating $150 million of class a office space to the city of New Brunswick.


The American Institute Of Architecture

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) was established in 1857 by thirteen architects. The purpose for the organization was to give credibility to their field. Prior to the creation of AIA buildings were often designed by people who were not true architects. This original group of architects sought to promote the field of architecture and professional architects, and also to put an end to individuals without education or licensing in architecture from working in the field.

The organization started in New York City with the original members including the following Architects:

1. Charles Babcock
2. Henry W. Cleaveland
3. Henry Dudley
4. Leopold Eidlitz
5. Edward Gardiner
6. Richard Morris Hunt
7. Fred A. Petersen
8. Jacob Wrey Mould
9. John Welch
10. Richard M. Upjohn
11. Joseph C. Wells

Today, the AIA is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has grown to include 260 chapters all over the world. The membership currently exceeds 90,000. Each of those members occupies one of five membership levels. Architect Members are licensed architects. Associate members are unlicensed and working professionally with a licensed architect. International associate members are architects licensed outside of the United States. Emeritus members are 15 year members who are 65 years or older and no longer working as an architect. Allied members are persons working in related fields such as publishers, engineers and planners.

The goals of AIA are to continually promote the standards that members adhere to. Members of AIA are dedicated to a code of ethics and professional conduct with all their interactions with clients and business associates. AIA architects use their collective power to influence government practices that affect the field of architecture and the of American way of life. It participates in decision making by federal, state, and local policy makers. To serve the public, The AIA serves the public by working with federal and local government in designing public spaces, protecting the nation’s infrastructure, and in developing appropriately-designed affordable housing for every American.

The AIA offers many services for students of architecture, licensed architects and the public. It offers its members professional development opportunities, model contract documents that can be used for the design and construction industry, information services, personal benefits and client resources. They help young professionals through an Intern Development Program, Architect Registration Exam preparation courses, and employment referral services. To date, the primary purpose of the AIA is still to raise public awareness of the value of architecture and the importance of good design.

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