What’s In a Name: Doe Deere Can Tell

When it comes to businesses, one of the most important things is the name. However, coming up with a name can be a tricky. For one thing, the name is what represents the business and what it is doing. The name of the company has to let people know what to expect when they are doing business with the company. However, there is a lot that can go into naming a company. However, many people just settle for naming the company after themselves. Then there are people that name their company after a product that they are selling.

Doe Deere herself has named her company Lime Crime after her favorite color and the dream of producing animal-friendly make up products that are so vivid that it would be a crime to wear them. Another thing about the crime aspect of the name is that often times, crime is given as a label to something that is just out of the norm or out of expectation. Doe Deere has not only created types of make up that are out of the norm, but she has also come up with looks that are outside of the norm as well. However, she has done in a way that is alluring to the customer who is tired of convention.

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Doe Deere has shown that she has the creativity to come up with a name that is going to attract customers. The name itself is a draw on the curiosity of customers. However, it is the products that satisfy curiosity and expectations. Her fans look at the examples of the products and how they are used. Afterwards, they decide on whether or not they can use the products. Then they experiment until they are satisfied with the results.

Lime Crime is a company that has been created by an artist for artists. Doe Deere and her customers apply the make up in ways that show that beauty lies more outside of convention than inside. One of the worst things that people can do is try to limit beauty and put it inside a box. This often causes people to miss out on real beauty.