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Richard Mishaan Design Continues to Make Its Mark in NYC and Abroad

This marks the 45th year that the best architects and designers in the United States renovate one of the most expensive homes in New York. This time, it was a 35-foot-wide townhome worth $26.8 million and built by Charles Platt. The location was previously the China Institute in America. The experts who works on the home remodel were asked about common interior design mistakes that men make, and here are a few helpful tips they provided.


Designer Richard Mishaan recommends showcasing souvenirs and unique treasures you’ve collected from traveling abroad. He shares that an animal skin rug or a mask of cultural significance make for interesting conversation pieces and can lend a pop of color and character to any room in the home. While these items can give the impression that you’re well-traveled and have a modern sense of style, it’s best not to showcase certain souvenirs, like the collection of shot glasses you collected during spring break.


Mishaan has also recently released his second book “Artfully Modern,” in which he showcases some of his most impressive work. While the veteran designer often works with very wealthy clients, and even worked on revamping the suites at St. Regis in 2010, he advises against spending too much money when it’s not necessary.


Richard states that it actually bothers him when clients decide not to use an accessory or furniture piece because it isn’t expensive enough. Mishaan asserts that finding the right design ( is more about having an eye for pieces that will work, and doesn’t have to involve spending lots of money. Even though Mishaan uses some of the finest materials to craft specialized decor for clients, he admits that he’s had the same couches for over 20 years. His Greenwich Village design store, Homer, also sells a number of quality home decor items for under $100, which is beneficial for those who want to get a few signature pieces to complete a room’s unique or colorful decor.