Tools to Becoming a Successful Startup Consultant: Luke Lazarus Edition

Startups and small-sized companies do not have the luxury to have large numbers of specialised staff to help in improving a company’s success. This is where they seek out startup consultants like Luke Lazarus who is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Lazarus has been a startup consultant for over 20 years and continues to do so. He graduated from the Melbourne Business School with an executive MBA when he was just 24 years old. Before his 33 birthday, he managed to successfully start four businesses all of which he sold with profitable results.

Both struggling companies and new business come to him to help them bring innovative insights and solutions to how to bring back business to its former glory if not exceed its expectations. He focuses on what’s essential to provide the successes a client may want. Read more: Luke Lazarus Profile | EverybodyWiki.com  and Luke Lazarus| Medium

He does so by identifying, addressing and putting into motion the tools required to achieve this success. His tools are as described below:

  • Business Plans. Lazarus helps in constructing a detailed yet straightforward story of the product that clearly outlines a product to investors. He attests to how he can easily spot what defines a product and translates that into the business plan.
  • Investor Presentations-Lazarus uses his numerous connections and networks in the business world, and applies these connections and links relevant investors to the client’s product.
  • Market Research Insights- Lazarus helps his clients identify the target audience and the use of research models before launching a product.
  • Financial Projections- providing transparency in the cash flow and possible projections of a business model will give investors an idea of possible outcomes if they invest.
  • Operational Improvement and Excellence- identifying and evaluating problems that hinder the success of a company leads to them being solved.
  • Go-to-Market Plans- Lazarus comes up with a plan to take the clients product to market. This is done within the budget boundaries of the client’s capabilities. This includes adhering to deadlines and schedules until launch.

Luke Lazarus believes that the necessary foundation for success is to identify a need for a product or service in the marketplace and proceed to provide that product or service.

A collaborative vision also puts perspectives into focus. A consumer would want to feel an emotional connection to product/service they are buying, so incorporating this into a product will ensure its success.

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