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Planning A Party Or A Major Corporate Event? 3 Things You Need To Know

You might not be in the same class as event planners in NYC; but you can create a very captivating, memorable and comfortable social gathering in your own home by beginning with these 3 things:


SUBHEADING: Organization is Key


This is something that very successful people do all the time; make lists. Ideally, you want to a master list with such items as ‘Invitations’ and ‘Food’ and ‘Beverage’ etc. The master list then lets you create the other lists which will be much more detailed. With the ‘Sub-list’ of’Beverage,’ for example, You could make a check list of the types of beverages, ice, glassware, large serving bowl or just an open bar and bring to mind even the simplest but, important things such as, ‘Where am I going to put trash cans if I’m using plastic cups?’


SUBHEADING: Keep It Simple


If you keep the plan for your party, or an important social gathering with a need to impress, simple; there is less that can go wrong. You can always add something later, but whatever event your planning, the key is the execution. If it’s too complex and one thing falls flat it will create a domino effect.


Unless this is a mystery theater type event or something that it is really focused on the entertainment; you don’t want to overwhelm your guests. Let them relax and engage in conversation with each other. In a relaxed and natural, a more ‘Open’ atmosphere, there is a better chance that your guests that have never met before will become involved in conversation and get to know each other.


SUBHEADING: Corporate Events or Other Large Scale and Focused Events


If you are having corporate event or any event that is crucial to exactly how it is panned and how it flows from the very beginning to the end; ‘Twenty Three Layers’ is one of the top event planning companies in NYC. They will work with you to understand what you want and then give you a few options on how to create a stylish event; an evening that your guests will talk about long after it’s over.


Whether it is in your home, or a place you already have in mind; they will handle things like, catering, floral design, invitations, etc. Well established as corporate event planners in NYC, they also understand that your corporate event is how people will see your company. ‘Twenty Three Layers’ understands that ‘Branding’ is the key word and they understand from that very first contact of your guests opening an invitation, to how they feel entering the venue of the event, to their experience during the event, to the importance of those last two minutes when your guests leave; (In other words; don’t let the coat check fail you.) every nuance is important.