Ara Chackerian – Angel Investor

Ara Chackerian is a prominent philanthropist, angel investor, and entrepreneur. He is the current ASC Capital Holdings Managing Director, a company that focuses on investing in healthCARE companies while they are still in their early stages. In addition, he is the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions which he is also part of the board members. TMS focuses on providing transcranial magnetic stimulation for individuals suffering from depression as a result of treatment resistance illnesses.


The other company’s that Ara has co-founded is the PipelineRx, a firm that provides Telepharmacy services and BMC Diagnostics, a renowned provider of medical services related to diagnostic imaging. Ara’s career revolves around investing and entrepreneurship and is largely involved in health-tech and services providence industry. He is dedicated to environmental conservation, evidenced by his investment in Limonapa, SA.


The investment is committed to promoting sustainable reforestation of Teak plantation in Nicaragua. Ara acquired his Bachelor’s Degree from Florida State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. With close to ten years of vast experience in establishing healthcare companies, Ara has managed to build a name for himself in the sector of philanthropy and business.


Ara spends the most part of his career creating bridges between technology and health services, with an objective to make the healthcare sector better. In an interview with, Ara asserted that the idea to build TMS Health Solutions was inspired by the need to enhance his experience in building diagnostic radiology facilities for outpatient services. The venture was between him and one of his partners.


Ara, together with his partner, did a research regarding the venture and realized that it has a potential of becoming a great one. It also came to their attention that the available centers that could offer transcranial magnetic stimulation and diagnostic radiology services were limited. Thus, in a bid to raise awareness regarding the two and facilitate access to treatment, they created TMS Health Solutions. To see more you can checkout



Their vision was to come up with a care delivery plan that enabled the physician and patients to achieve the outcomes they desired, and to their expectation, this was met. Since the facility was built, seven new centers that serve Sacramento and San Francisco have been built, and the progress so far is remarkable. You can visit for more details.




Wes Edens Looking for Investment Opportunities to Grow Fortress Investment Group

The problem with the financial markets is that they are hard to predict, and no matter how much one can try, it is always almost impossible to predict accurately. However, by following the market for years and ensuring that the various financial parameters are considered from time to time, it becomes easier to safeguard the investments from imminent risks and take the hints from the signals that the market gives out from time to time. It helps in not only protecting the investments, minimizing the risks, but also helps in getting better returns. Professional investment management companies are necessary for the organizations to manage their funds in a strategic manner, which would help them generate long-term growth as well as protect from the uncertain economic climate.

One of the top investment firms based out of New York City is the Fortress Investment Group, and its Chairman is Wes Edens. He has been working in the financial industry for quite a while. Soon after completing his studies, he joined the Lehman Brothers. But, he soon quit and joined a small investment company Black Rock, and it was there that he was able to raise his first fund. But, he then decided to do something of his own and created his own company with the name Fortress Investment Group in the year 1998. The company today has more than 160 investors that include institutions and private clients as well. He started the firm with an investment of just $400 million and a few employees.

But, they manage assets worth $72 billion and have more than 1200 employees working for them.Wes Edens is highly respected as one of the most successful investors of all times. He has an extensive and impressive track record proving that he is one of the experts in the field. He is also looking for new places to invest in. Recently, he invested in Jamaica Liquefied Natural Gas project and is quite excited about it as he wants to expand his business there. He feels that Jamaica has a lot to offer to investors and it is all about finding the right opportunities. All of his investment strategies have worked quite well, and he hopes that it will be that way too in the future. Wes Edens, who is also the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, recently bought FlyQuest and is among the ten teams that are selected to the members of the League of Legends.

Marc Sparks: A Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

While he may not have attended College, Marc Sparks has created an outstanding career as a serial entrepreneur. Marc has participated in establishing startups. Most of the startups that he has ventured in have been successful while others are downright disastrous.



According to Sparks, people experience challenges in life to learn and to understand the responsibilities that they have to the society. Through his mistakes, Marc has been able to create successful businesses. Learn more:



Marc is passionate about building businesses. He takes a business idea, designs business strategy and then executes the idea. Marc has maintained a portfolio of businesses that he runs through his Timber Creek Capital.



What sets Marc apart from most entrepreneurs is his leadership skills. He leads by example and motivates his employees to achieve their best. Marc has also created an open leadership model that allows most of his employees to work with him directly. Learn more:



Marc has attributed his success in business to his time management skills, his tenacity, focus, passion, and faith. He also says he is not afraid to fail which is what has given him a competitive edge.

Learn more here:



Over the years, Marc has gained skills and knowledge in entrepreneurship. It his expertise in startups that led him to write and publish his book ‘They Can’t Eat You.’ This is a book that documents not only his success in business but also his failures. According to Sparks, it is easy for people to learn from his mistakes than success. In his book, he has included the story about how he created an insurance company and lost it after 90 days. His book is for all entrepreneurs that have lost hope in business.



Outside of his work, Marc engages in different projects that are designed to benefit the community. He has partnered with the Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter. The shelter rescues the homeless people. Marc states that the organization seeks to give people a ‘hand up’ and not a ‘hand out.’ This method of operation is what helps the people want a better life. The Samaritan Inn takes in 160 residents and provides them shelter for five months. In those five months, the residents are taken through various programs in counseling, family services, financial education, and job placements.



Marc has partnered with the Habitat for Humanity. This is an organization that builds home for the needy. He has a foundation that gives new computers to children from needy homes to help them break out of poverty.



Marc has hobbies that he engages in to relax. He loves to golf and go fishing, hiking, biking, and hunting. Marc also loves to work out and to travel. He once traveled around the world in 23 days.