Lip Balm Market

How Evolution Of Smooth Cornered The Market

How This All Started Out

The most important thing to understand about Evolution of Smooth is that this brand was created by people who clearly understood exactly what they were trying to get when they decided they wanted to enter the lip balm market. They didn’t want to simply make a product that had no chance of taking the top prize. They wanted something that would compete and they found that something in Evolution of Smooth. Target young women specifically; this brand managed to make itself something that nobody would have expected it to become.

How Young Women Made It Blow Up

Many people assumed prior to the research conducted by Evolution of Smooth that lip balm was used by men and women in similar rates. This was proven false by the research that Evolution of Smooth conducted. Women are using lip balm at far higher rates than men even though the products they use are not actually intended for their exclusive use. Creating a brand with a focus on Millennial women was a natural choice and it’s clear that the results have paid off big time for EOS lip balm.

The Future Of Evolution Of Smooth

The future of Evolution of Smooth ( is in the creation of new products aimed at taking over new markets. Their efforts have focused on the creation of lotions and shaving creams around the Evolution of Smooth brand on Costco. This has been successful so far, but they want to aim for something much greater in the future. There is simply too much to gain and too little to lose. When you build a brand this great most people expect the ability to enjoy what they have made. Evolution of Smooth is all about changing how we think about lip balm for good.