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Jeff Herman’s Advice Could Save Your Child

There is a huge problem around the world that is more common than people would like to imagine. Sex crimes are largely common, and predators lurk in everyday unsuspecting places. Unfortunately, children are often targets. Lawyer Jeff Herman has dedicated his life to fighting for justice in sex crime cases.


Jeff Herman recently shared some of the most important tips that he has learned throughout the course of his career.


Step 1- Talk to children about appropriate versus inappropriate touching


Even young children need to know what type of physical interactions are acceptable and what is not. On an age-appropriate level talk to children about what areas are off limits, how to say ‘no’, and when to tell an adult.


Step 2- Be aware of predators


Sexual predators do not always look like people imagine they do. Sports coaches, church clergy, teachers, family members, and neighbors can all prey on young children. It is extremely important to not let children spend time alone with adult males in any of these capacities mentioned, especially those without children of their own. This is a precaution. The internet is another huge source of danger for minors when it comes to predators. Keep aware of what sites they are on and monitor usage daily for any potential red flags. View More Information Here


Step 3- If something happens know what to do


Nobody ever wants their child to be a victim of a sexual crime but when it does happen parents need to know what to do. Listen fully to the child. Do not pressure them. Report the incident to the police. Victims have the right to file a civil case against sexual predators.


Jeff Herman is a lawyer that focuses on aiding parents through the difficult steps after a child has been sexually abused.


Jeff Herman works to hold the people and institutions accountable for the deplorable acts that were committed. Herman wants to bring justice to parents and children to help them heal, move one, and live complete fulfilled lives.


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