Makeup Industry

Doe Deere is a Productive Entrepreneur That Shares Her Vision

Wisdom is something that often comes when people get out and try something new. In one way or another people are going to have to branch out, do things they have never done and make waves in order to learn what they are good at. Doe Deere is something that started on eBay, but she realized that this was not for her. She also formed a clothing line at one time, but she would realize that this was not what she wanted to do for life. She was wise enough to see that there was a future in cosmetics with her Lime Crime brand, and that is what she would pursuit.

When Doe Deere started the Lime Crime brand in 2008, almost a decade prior, she was told that she would never be able to successfully sell cosmetics online. Doe Deere stated that experts in the cosmetics field stated that cosmetics would only work in brick and mortar stores because people wanted to try the makeup on. She listened to what these so-called experts were saying, but she did not let this change her mind about what she wanted to do. She brought forth a standard, and she moved forth to build a very colorful brand of cosmetics that would make people see lipstick in a whole new way. She knew that she had something to offer, and she believed that she could do this with Generation Z. She felt that since she was now in an era of consumers that grew up with computers and the Internet that there was a greater chance to reach more people through social media.

The experts may have predicted the old trends of how consumers used to purchase makeup, but Doe Deere has obviously predicted brand new trends. She has become the leader that would reach out to the Generation Z crowd and market her brand successfully. It did not really matter much that others may not have believed in what she could do. What Doe Deere realized was that she had a vision, and she wanted to carry this vision out. She wanted to create the ultimate shopping experience for consumers that were looking for the most obscure concepts in cosmetics. Online shoppers of brands like Lime Crime would be able to see others wearing this makeup through Instagram. These are the types of social media campaigns that would build brand awareness.

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