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The RealReal is taking over the luxury fashion consignment world

Have you ever lusted after that perfect Gucci blouse or chanel purse? Well you’re not alone and The RealReal is finding a way to make these luxury items available to more people. A consignment store for luxury fashion simply makes sense. The RealReal is doing just that online and through their brick and mortar stores as well. All of their items in the store are available online as well. So then the thrill of shopping online has made it’s way into the in-person shopping experience.

The RealReal is committed to authenticating and confirming all their products the real thing. They even educate people on how to spot a fake. In addition, they offer luxury services including sending drivers to collect consignment items. The RealReal is a place to find real brand name luxury items second-hand with real people helping you every step of the way.

As evidenced by their Instagram, The RealReal has a variety of real and unique luxury bags, shoes, sunglasses and clothes. For example, one picture shows an Asian inspired Gucci bag. The bag has a red background with floral print, a gold chain across the top, and of course sports the real Gucci logo. It’s one of a kind and you may never know when someone will swoop in and buy that bag!

The RealReal is helping others discover their style. One of their Instagram pictures is asking their audience if jorts are something they might wear. The picture shows a woman with bold fashion wearing jorts, an oversized button-up shirt and a bold white purse. Such fashion statement pieces can be found at the RealReal online and in their stores.

Since their items often sell quickly, you never know when an item might disappear. While the RealReal may not be for everyone, even knowing that you can consign back luxury items may make the price tag worth it. The RealReal is a unique experience that’s certainly seems worth a second look.