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Roberto Santiago Found Success with the Manaira Mall

The mall is not successful just on its own, though. It has a great owner that has had the mall since it opened in 1989. Roberto Santiago has worked hard to make sure that the mall is successful and all of the hard work that he did has really paid off in the fact that the mall is a great addition to the area that it is in. He has been able to help a lot of people through the mall and it has allowed him to advance his career.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the most prominent and largest malls in Brazil. It is a place where a lot of people can come at one time and it even has a convention center that is located conveniently inside of it so that people can make sure that they are learning what they can about Brazil and about the area that they are in. Because of the options that are included in the mall, it makes it an enticing option for nearly anyone who wants to be able to do new things and find new things about the area that they are in. It is much more than “just” a mall and is somewhere that people come to enjoy the different aspects of Brazil, the huge movie theaters and the great shopping options that are included in the mall so that they are able to truly get the most out of it.

One of the best choices that he made was to put the convention area in the mall. This is something that most malls do not have and something that truly set this Brazillian mall apart from the rest of the ones that are located in the same area. Since Roberto Santiago did so much to help the mall and to make it one of the best for the people who came to it, he was able to show them the right way to do things and that was something that changed the way that the convention center worked. With over 8,000 people who can fit into it, it is the perfect venue for Brazillian learning events. Read more at Blog Do Gordinho.

While Roberto Santiago still continues to work hard at the mall and do a lot for the mall, it essentially runs itself. This has allowed him to take a step back and do something that he is truly passionate about. He enjoys Brazil and the travel aspect of it. The way that he sees it, the more people he teaches about the country, the better. He has started a blog that talks about the different things that people can do in Brazil and this has allowed him the chance to be able to teach more people.

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