Premier Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar provides the latest plastic surgery approaches and techniques to patients at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas. He is also affiliated with other medical institutions in the area, including the Pine Creek Medical Center. This board-certified plastic surgeon focuses on both reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. In addition, he has published in multiple medical journals to share his expertise with his colleagues and researchers.


Dr. Jejurikar started his journey into plastic surgery by graduating from the University of Michigan Medical School. He also received subspecialty education in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.


He is one of the top-ranked doctors in the nation due to his patient reviews. Very few physicians receive the Compassionate Doctor Certification, but he received it in 2012. Only three percent of active doctors received this certification in 2012. It is given to those whose bedside manner and overall scores are nearly perfect. Patients vote on these.


Dr. Jejurikar works with a very diverse array of patients and he provides multiple plastic surgery options. He primarily focuses on cosmetic procedures, but also works in hand surgery, reconstructive procedures and the heavily intricate microsurgery. As for his patient base, he uses his skills to aid those of all socioeconomic levels, including who cannot afford to pay for plastic or reconstructive surgery.


He takes an annual trip to Bangladesh as part of a medical mission for Smile Bangladesh. This organization is a nonprofit that works to aid those with facial cleft deformities in many areas of the world.


Marc Sparks Innovative Businessman and Humanitarian

Marc Sparks is a dedicated, very successful serial entrepreneur whose philanthropic endeavors include donating and working with housing for the homeless at the Samaritan Inn, Habitat for Humanity, Sparkey’s Kids, and American Can Academy in his home state of Texas. He is the CEO of Timber Creek and has written a book titled They Can’t Eat You explaining paths to business success.

His newest business concept puts him in the vanguard of business creation. He is changing the idea of venture capital by creating a new avenue for business success by offering needed advice, funding, space, and staff that every new start-up requires. Sparks realizes that the durable goods, the hard material stuff we used to produce and supply to the world have become the manufacturing business of other countries.

But his idea is to continue to create the very business ideas that have the power of changing the world for the better. His concept is called Spark Tank and offers business fundamentals to those new organizations with brilliant ideas that can become the next PayPal, eBay, or Uber. If Sparks accepts your idea, he will help in all the ways needed to develop a functioning business.

Marc Sparks has constructed a new office complex dedicated to helping those that he takes under his wings. This business complex and its staff can be used for meetings and conferences as these new companies go about securing additional funding and finding established business people who might have an active interest in helping the fledgling company find its rightful place in the business world.

The American economy is changing rapidly from a producer based to a service based economy. American industry has led the way for innovation and production quality but then, unfortunately, the rest of the world aided by lower labor costs can copy our products and produce the same or nearly identical goods at a fraction of the price.

The American economy must maintain its place as an innovative and enterprising nation and we, as a country, must move our ideas toward the forefront of creative thinking. This means we must strive to improve and invent new concepts in the growing technologies, that today are telecommunications and the internet-fueled communications industries.

Marc Sparks is doing his part in being a launch facility for these new ideas, and he will profit from offering this opportunity. But the rest of the world will greatly benefit from the advances these newly created businesses will provide.

Business leaders like Marc Sparks, who actively help other segments in their community, are examples for all of us.