Copa Star Hospital Offers Modern Care Treatment for Patients in Brazil

Copa Star a modern designed hospital was inaugurated in October 2016, in the beautiful city of Brazil, on the South of Rio Figueiredo three years into its construction. Copa Star is not like the typical hospitals in the world. It has a unique designed tailored to suit the demands of patients with particular and unique needs. The facility features a combination of uniquely designed services, comfort, and luxury provided by the modern technology employed in the construction process. The architectural methodologies used during construction reminiscent a five-star restaurant with the concept that hospitals do not have to be boring. Read more on Side Tech.

Lighting of the Room

Copa Star Hospital was built on a 21 thousand meters square foot and seven floors. The building synergizes many technological touches of modern innovation and refinement. The system of treatment allows a high level of innovation that makes a patient feel like they are at home unlike most hospitals in the world. Through video games and iPad gadgets offered to patients, they are allowed to have one on one conversation with physicians and nurses. The modern technology at Copa Star offers automated bed features with recliners. This allows the patients to move their positions without the help of nurses. Additionally, the hospital features an application that offers natural light in the rooms. This allows the patients to switch in between the lights they prefer. Unlike other hospitals where a patient is limited to one type of light which is commonly artificial, Copa Star has a variety and every patient is allowed to select the preferred lighting.

Art Work

The hospital that was established in 2013 saw over $ 400 million spent by the donors, founder Jorge Moll, and well-wishers. Under the leadership of the president Mr. Moll, Copa Star has combined qualified caregivers and equipment to offers services in complex surgeries like cardio and brain surgeries. With Copa Star in place, patients do not have to travel to Sao Paulo for medical care. The hospital has created an environment that comprises stylish operating rooms, hybrid rooms and a restaurant with a top chef who prepares food according to the doctor’s instructions. The food on the menu suits a patient’s disease.


Among the hospital’s core and astonishing innovations is the venue attached to patient’s stretchers and healthcare providers. The corridors of the structure also carry a warming air with an ambiance and artworks from Yutaka Toyota, the Japanese artist. Before being employed, the team of professionals and caregivers at Copa Star hospital went through a two months training session. The course sharpened their skills in offering high-level medical care. The employee database comprises over 500 workers with 113 of them being doctors. The team is equipped with skills from how to approach patients to the right food to administer to them.