Doe Deerer, Founder and CEO of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is an accomplished woman of our time. An innocent girl born in Russia and partially raised in her native country and the USA is endowed with rare instinctive imagination and ambition which are not common with adolescent females growing up at her time. Her biggest dream to become a famous musician was the stepping stone into the hall of fame of beauticians. She nurtured a career in music and marketing and was especially motivated and appreciated by the crowds who came to her events. It was through music that Doe Deere ended up in the cosmetic makeup industry that ultimately ignited her entrepreneurship as a young woman.


Doe Deere started her musical career New York City performing with a band. She also met her husband who is also a member of the same band. Both wife and husband were songwriters who worked together very well. She believes that every person is unique and is endowed in one way or the other. She strongly advises her fellow women to always be themselves, know their values, and follow their desires. In 2008, Doe Deere settled on scarce bright and unusual colors as the makeup industry remained natural looks remained utopian. She loved bright colors that did not exist so she started to make them and was patronized by many young women. She explained freedom of expression to mean that young women should be able to wear clothes of their choices, do their hairstyles the way they wanted, and put any makeup on their faces without fear of judgment.


Doe Deere, the founder, and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics is driven by the passion for proving that wearing cosmetics is a form of freedom and self-expression for a woman. She thinks that beauty is not necessarily natural or good looks but to feel right at the moment. Doe Deere launched her initial line of “colorful, magical, and cruelty-free” cosmetics in 2008 to give young women alternative cosmetics. The mission of her company is simply “rebellion in color”. Doe Deere supports other women-owned business entrepreneurship through her motivational talks and advocacy for women empowerment. She also mentors aspiring women entrepreneurs in person or through the Instagram social medium.


Doe Deere has granted many interviews to media outlets about her entrepreneurial challenges and successes to sensitize her follow potential women entrepreneurs. She is really an entrepreneur worthy of emulation by aspired women entrepreneurs.


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