Mathew Fleeger of Gulf Coast Western

Gulf coast Western was founded in Dallas Texas by Mathew Fleeger in 1970.Gulf coast Western is a managing venture in the oil and gas industryc. The primary goal of the experiment is to explore, create and obtain local oil and gas reserves which are on the gulf coast of the USA.

In a recent interview, Mathew Fleeger stated that during the oil recession he focused his energy on becoming more efficient. He said that he would evaluate every single aspect of his business and also look for ways to reduce overhead costs without losing any staff member.

During the recession, he and his team looked for creative ways to survive a hard time. Mathew also mentioned that he learned that for a leader to endure such hard times, he must have a positive attitude. He said that by having a positive attitude, it would prevent negative energy and the feeling of despair from creeping into your business.

Mathew Fleeger went on to add that during the recession it was widespread to find employees who wanted to switch industries. He tackled this by explaining to his team how committed he was about their future. He also made them understand the many opportunities that were present at the time of the recession. According to him, those tough times were preparing and molding them for exiting better days which were to come.

Before forming Gulf coast Western, Mathew Fleeger worked in other different industries. He stated that the experience he got while working for other industries has helped him gain enough experience and skills required to manage Gulf Coast Western. The experience he had shown him his cyclical downturns in different business sectors. This enabled him to be calm and to avoid overreacting when he is faced with a recession while he is pursuing an opportunity.