Nick Vertucci Releases New Book On Real Estate Investing And His Life

Real estate investor Nick Vertucci has put out a book covering his life called “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”. This book covers his life and also provides tips on how to make money as a real estate investor. He writes about having an entrepreneurial spirit that will result in result in going from having an average income to being a millionaire.

He writes in this book about some of the lessons he has learned during the course of his professional career. He details some of his past mistakes and what measures he took to correct them. He also writes about having the right attitude in your career such as being able to move past fears and raise your professional sights higher. The reviews of this book have called it inspiring to them and has motivated a number of them to start their own careers as real estate investors.

After becoming a millionaire himself by buying and selling homes Nick Vertucci launched his latest company which is Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. He and his team teach others what he has learned and how to apply his strategies themselves. The offer free local real estate workshops around the country. Attendees also get a free “Fortunes in Flipping” set for being there.

Nick Vertucci was a police officer for 18 years before starting to be involved in the real estate industry on a full-time basis. He says he went from saving physical lives to saving financial lives. He knows every in and out of how to flip a house and maximizing the profits from doing so. He also shows people how to buy properties and use them to build a steady cash flow. He says that are both great opportunities and risks when buying and selling real estate and people need a mentor to invest properly.