InnovaCare Boasts Great Leadership During Unsettled Times

Often an organization exists because of the leader who founded it. InnovaCare Health has two fabulous leaders in their respective areas for moving forward since the advent of socialized medicine in the United States, a country that once had the most vibrant, brilliant and quality healthcare system in the world. It is now in danger of falling into the abyss of government run healthcare, separating patients from their doctors in important decision making on The long lines for vital care will lengthen and many people in dire need could perish in the waiting periods they once never had during the era of freely offered healthcare choices.

It is a tragedy that for a handful of low income people with the false narrative of being turned away by their insurance companies for treatment of preexisting conditions that the overwhelming majority of Americans now have been saddled with a system that raised their rates to phenomenal levels as wells their deductibles so that care is now offered that a man does not need, such as a one size fits all policy that includes prenatal care.

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Fortunately, Rick shinto, M.D., MBA and President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, and Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer with more than two decades of bureaucratic healthcare experience are teaming up to make sense of what has become of the healthcare system of the United States. They are using models that have been put in place in Puerto Rico. These plans that are available to the people in Puerto Rico are showing high levels of efficiency, cost effectiveness and satisfaction.

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InnovaCare is now the leading provider of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans in the network of medical services provided by physicians. The number one concern of the participants in these provider plans is to give quality healthcare to the patients who subscribe to these plans. The characteristics reflect a sound plan with cost-saving models that are totally tied into frontier medical research and technologies on This socialized medical system will not shackle the patients and providers into falling behind into a less than innovative healthcare system just because of bureaucratic strings and ropes that could bind it.

Everyone who works behind the scenes at InnovaCare Health are bound to the mission of doing all that they can to support the patients as their number one priority in an unsettling and nebulous environment for the future of healthcare.

The Midas Legacy: Aspire And Inspire


There are people that are in all types of life situations. Among these people are those that are in less than favorable life circumstances. For one thing, there are people that are below the poverty line. However, not all people that are in their circumstances are willing to stay in their circumstances. There are some people that have aspirations. These types of people are willing to do everything in their power in order to improve their life situation. However, even those people need a lot of help in overcoming because their life situation can bring out a type of desperation that can cloud judgment.


Fortunately, there is The Midas Legacy. This life improvement firm can help people of all types of circumstances. For the aspiring entrepreneur that is trying to improve his situation, the experts could take the time to remind him of the value of patience and not trying too hard to improve one’s own circumstances. The Midas Legacy can also help him come up with methods that could help him achieve goals more quickly.


The Midas Legacy can also teach people to develop character traits that are most helpful in bringing them out of their current circumstances. Each entrepreneur might have a need for something that will bring his life back on track. For instance, if there needs to be an improvement to work ethic, then The Midas Legacy can help that person develop that.


One thing that could be said about success is that it involves going above and beyond. People that just do the bare minimum in order to just skate by rarely get anywhere. This is why The Midas Legacy is one of the most effective wealth management firms. It teaches people to go all in and take on their goals with a passion that will bring them further than they imagined.


Norka Luque: Changing the World through Her Music

For several years’ the Latino music community has been producing pop superstars. Examples are internationally celebrated artists such as Shakira, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin and many others. Currently, the Venezuelan pop artist, Norka Luque is the artist making headlines. Her lyrics are inspirational and carry a powerful message of hope.

NorkaLuque was born in Caracas, Venezuelan busiest city. She grew and attended high school in her hometown. Unlike other artists who indulge in music because of the money and fame, Norka became a professional singer to do more than that. Her main intention of joining the lucrative music industry was to touch and change people’s lives. She has succeeded in doing exactly this through her music.

Ms. Martinez started singing when she was a little girl (eight years old). She participated in different singing competitions while in school. Some of the singing competitions she took part in include “The “Golden Voice” and “School Festival of Gaitas.” Ms. Martinez graduated from high school then she headed to France to continue her education.

Ms. Martinez enrolled in a French school where she took a business course. After four years of hard work and dedication, she finally graduated from the business school. She was now ready to start working. She relocated to Monaco where she got a job in the banking sector.

This was when she decided to move to the United States. She knew that it was easier being noticed from the United States than any other country. She settled in Miami, a home to many Latino superstars. At first, Norka Luque found it quite challenging; she started performing in nightclubs in the South Beach area.

However, her big break came when the legendary producer Emilio Estefan attended one of her performances. Emilio fell in love with her unique voice. He decided to take Norka under his arms to nature and develop her into the artist she is today.

NorkaLuque’s first solo “Como lo hacestu” was released in 2011. This hit single enjoyed some success and even got her a nomination for the Best Pop Female Artist of the Year at the Lo Nuestro Award. Her second solo “Milagro” followed shortly.

Her most recent work is “Tomorrowland.” This single has been received warmly by her audience. Ms. Martinez still has a long way to go, but if we are to judge from her past work, she is surely going to enjoy even much greater success.

Despite Recent Economic Setbacks Brazil Is Still An Important Exporter


Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world by area, and Brazil has the sixth largest population in the world. Even though the economy has been weak over the last two years, Brazil still has the seventh largest economy in the world. The Brazilian people are a resilient, creative, and an enterprising group. Brazil has built a reputation as a BRICS nation. Brazil is a major player on the world’s export stage. The country has more natural resources that most people can name. Brazilian companies export red meat, soybeans, poultry, sugar cane, shoes, and building supplies to countries around the world. One of the top building material suppliers in the world is based in Sao Paulo. That company is Eucatex.



Brazil has a lot of eucalyptus trees, and in the 1950s, the trees were cut down to produce floorboards and ceiling tiles. A ceiling tile made from eucalyptus wood was a new product in 1954. Only one company in the state of Sao Paulo produced a wood ceiling tile and that company wasn’t really a company. The first wood ceiling tiles were produced by a sawmill owned by the Maluf family. But when the sawmill started shipping the eucalyptus wood tiles to customers, Eucatex was born.



In 1987, Flavio Maluf, the grandson of the founder of Eucatex, joined the company. Flavio knew he would be the president of Eucatex one day, but before he assumed that role, he went to New York and studied at NYU. Flavio studied the U.S. consumer market while he lived in New York. Flavio was named the president of the company in 1997, and almost immediately, he changed the business mentality of Eucatex. Maluf turned Eucatex into a modern day environmentally friendly exporter that conserved natural resources by using renewable energy in company factories.



Flavio also expanded the product line and that gave the company the opportunity to sell those products to the home improvement stores in North America and Europe. Today, Eucatex is one of the leading exporters of MDF panels, paints, floorboards and varnishes to retailers in the U.S. and Europe.  Find Flavio personally on Facebook, and get his recent take on taxes on Infomoney.

How David Osio is Influencing the World

David Osio, a financial advisor has been slowly changing the world one philanthropic effort at a time. Osio is most widely known for his support of the arts. His love of music specifically has impacted his collaboration with multiple non-profit organizations, where he conducts his business. Osio has been making an effort to reach out to organization where he has offered counsel on financial matters, hoping to help instill good habits into the local community while he continues to share his wealth on a more global scale.

One of the organizations that Osio is most passionate is the Miami Symphony Orchestra. As a member of the board, Osio takes great pride in it as a member, but as a financial advisor and philanthropist, Osio is looking at his donations as a good outcome for the community.

Osio is the CEO of Davos Financial Group, and is always looking for ways to impact the community as someone that can provide sound counsel on financial matters, but he is also looking for ways to sow culture into the community. Orchestras have often incorporated programs into their organization as a learning experience for both children and adults, but the long-term benefits of music and the arts can be astounding in a community.

Osio is also giving money to medical research for children. The International foundation known as the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation is a recipient of his funding. In a recent press release, he made this statement: “My hope is that someday those who are fortunate enough can come together to make a financial difference for this important cause.”

David Osio has been instrumental in implementing global financial strategy as well as within the local community. Osio founded his company more than 20 years ago, and today is impacting the globe financially, opening up offices in Venezuela and other areas in South America. He continues his education in order to further this credentials for the good of his career and his clientele.

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Securus’ New ConnectUs Digital Filing System Expedites Operations

On average, correctional facility inmates produce 13.8 complaints and grievances forms per person every month. Securus Technologies deals with 1.2 million inmates across the United states. Without digital technology, over 13 million pieces of paper have to be filed individually every month. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out there’s a lot of time and man hours involved in such bureaucracy–not to mention resources like paper, and the necessity of space to store physical records. Digitized technology solutions take all that hassle out of the equation. ConnectUs curtails the cost of man hours and resources which are devoted to this necessary aspect of institutional correctional facility functionality.

Applications are easily tailored to fit individual needs, and streamline the process of dealing with inmates substantially. Where once hours were involved, now there are only minutes.

Securus is no stranger when it comes to revolutionary innovations pertaining to incarceration information technology and the necessary security which comes with it. Their three decades’ experience in the industry has led them directly into the core of correctional facility operations, and they’ve developed their solutions around that core. Where time can be securely saved, and processes compressed, savings are more likely to occur. This focus on compression is one reason among many that Securus Technologies has been approved by the Better Business Bureau. As a matter of fact, they’ve received an A+ rating.

Those employed at correctional facilities deal with a bevy of difficulties. By making their lives easier and saving money at the same time, it’s much more likely that rehabilitation for inmates will have a chance of happening. ConnnectUs does quite a bit to make that rehabilitation more possible.