Highland Capital Management Story

Dallas has always been a place where many companies are based. This region is known and respected by many because of the successful companies and professionals who live there. One of these companies is called Highland Capital Management. The firm specializes in hedge funds, and it has earned its respect by serving customers and the community in Dallas. Highland Capital Management has already ventured into the global market, something many of the companies in finance have a hard time doing. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Highland Capital Management has achieved so much because of influential people who formed it many decades ago. These professionals were experts in the market, and they did not know compromise when it came to the quality of services issued to their customers. James Dondero, with the help of Mark Okanda, has been taking the company into better heights from the first moment he set foot in the market. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.


Highland Capital Management came into the American market because of James Dondero. Before he started this venture, James Dondero, a respected hedge fund manager in the United States, had worked in many companies in the country, and he had all the knowledge required to make his firm successful. There are some distinguishing features that have made Highland Capital Management successful. One of these is giving back to the community. James Dondero is a professional who enjoys serving the communities, especially those who come from low income backgrounds. For so many decades, the American finance executive has taken part in community initiatives, especially those that focus in Dallas. James Dondero has been serving as chief executive officer of the prestigious organization for many years, and he has given the company a good name by ensuring that the Dallas communities are living in a good way. The company has numerous initiatives, and they all depend on the funds they get from James Dondero and the managing team.

Check: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highland_Capital_Management

Igor Cornelson acts as advisor and coach for new investors searching for gains

Igor Cornelson emphasizes the power of due diligence…international investments such as the kind he advises his clients on require profound levels of research. Experienced stockholders should take as many factors and angles into account as possible. Not only is business health vital to investments, but also the macroeconomic health of the target country itself.

Igor Cornelson is capable of running circles with some of the most skilled stock market experts globally. His secret? Self-control. Keeping ones emotions under check tends to lead to high-performance, which leads to good decision making, which leads to achieving above average results. Timing and accurate assessment play a major part in success overseas.

Leaders who champion for integrity and transparency build trust fast, especially in the complicated realm of financial assets. Doing good business remains integral to Cornelson’s code of conduct. No matter the culture or laws, those who find success hold respect for jurisdiction in great esteem. They stand to profit the most.

The Brazilian financial star’s ability to navigate various economic environments is known in the industry. Being able to spot strong buying signals in unique opportunities unseen by the majority of analysts around the world bestows the type of notoriety fit for a top stock market advisor.

Cornelson is the type of financial advisor who would more than likely instruct a client to take mainstream media advice on anything stock related with a grain of salt. Often acting as both consultant and private investor, he has discovered the futility of going along with the crowd.

While most active investors are capable of adding value to their portfolios, partnering with an intelligent consultant can shave years off a business’s learning curve by pointing you in the direction of positive gains while shielding you from loss. Honesty, integrity, and reciprocity give Cornelson his edge against a sea of investment professionals.

Glenn Schlossberg Now Owns Cathy Daniels

Glenn Schlossberg was born into the industry of fashion. He worked in a warehouse that was owned by his father, who made dresses. And at that time, Glenn Schlossberg studied fashion at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. He had a goal. And that was to produce garments that were high in quality, great, produce them faster, and at a lower price then what the competition was charging. And Glenn Schlossberg was able to do all this when he found Jump Design Group (aka Jump) and launched the apparel known as Jump in 1990. Under Schlossberg’s leadership, Jump has been successful with capabilities for logistics, manufacturing, and designs. It has locations in New Jersey, New York, and all over the globe.

The brands and designs of Jump can be found in the most well known e-Commerce and established retail organizations on the planet like Lord & Taylor, Zappos, Nordstrom, and Macy’s. Schlossberg has influenced the people close to him and the field of fashion with his spirit of the entrepreneur. Schlossberg believes that he can unlock this kind of spirit in the other people in this industry who are young and just starting out. That is why he spends time teaching others who want to learn about fashion. In fact, Schlossberg visits organizations like the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship to pass on what he learned to others that want to make it in fashion. Linked In

On Prnewswire.com, an article was written about Jump Design Group acquiring Cathy Daniels Apparel and was planning to do upgrades for their platforms.

Jump (see, Linked In) has purchased and now owns all of the assets that are related to Cathy Daniels, including its sportswear label. The Cathy Daniels team will be taking their directions from Jump. And Jerry Passaretti, the president of Cathy Daniels Label, will be joining Jump Design Group to run the development of business. Jump wants to use the latest technology to improve the Cathy Daniels Label so that they can produce the best product for the customers. This will benefit Cathy Daniels, Jump Design Group, and the customers. Visit his Facebook page.



Transform Your Hair With WEN Products by Chaz Dean

WEN by Chaz Dean products are unique products that are made with natural ingredients. They do not contain any harsh chemicals and are safe for all hair types including color-treated hair. There is a full product line to select products from including lavender mint treatment oil, Lavender Cleansing Conditioner, Lavender Nourishing Mousse, and Lavender Styling Crème to name a few.

WEN products are made from natural ingredients such as lavender, cucumber aloe, figs, tea tree oil, pomegranate, and sweet almond mint. WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a unique 5-in-1 formula that replaces your conditioner, and shampoo. It is also a leave-in conditioner, detangler, and deep conditioner. It contains beneficial and natural ingredients such as chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, panthenol, and rosemary extract. It is gentle on your locks and will not strip your hair of its natural oils leaving it dry.

LA stylist Chaz Dean absolutely loves hair, and he created his product line so that everyone can love their hair. He loves to create new products, and he has his very own salon and an impressive clientele list. He is very laid-back and is much centered. His salon is relaxing and inviting as well as minimalistic to inspire calmness.

According to Wikipedia, Chaz Dean specializes in cutting and coloring hair for celebrities, and he also styles hair for fashion and award shows. He has become very well-known, and his QVC best-selling products are used by clients all over the world. He doesn’t use harsh chemicals on himself or on his clients, and he has created a new and revolutionary way to hydrate as well as cleanse hair. His Hollywood salon is all the rage. Many of the shampoos and hair care products are that you will find in stores are toxic and very bad for you. His products are a great alternative to these chemical-laden ones. Fan of Chaz Dean? Follow Wen on Twitter.

Reasons Why U.S. Money Reserve is the Remedy for Inconsistent Money Market

One of the biggest news in 2019 is about the weakening of the US Dollar. There are many schools of thoughts about this latest development, but one thing is clear, there is a legitimate worry of another recession in the near future.

History has shown that one of the major reasons why recessions are a reality is due inconsistent in interests rates and lack of clear policy on stabilizing the rates. Fortunately, gold has risen and this according to pundits is the only chance for people to stay safe from any case of a recession. Read more: US Money Reserve | Ispot

In the recent financial discussions on Fed Reserve’s inconsistency in raising and lowing the interest rates has also opened the Pandora box. Just some few months ago, the government had a solid stand on interest rates and the recent decision to lower the rates led to many schools of thoughts forming diverse opinions especially on future of the currency and more importantly the strength of the dollar in relation to other currencies.

Regardless of the school of thought, uncertainty in the value of the USA dollar is a reality.

The Fed Reserve inability to control the current situation is another reason to look for an alternative way. Thanks to organizations such as U.S. Money Reserve, the narrative of alternative ways to handle the interest rates is available.

Since the start of the normalization debate, the position of the normal USA citizen has been largely ignored, and many pundits are contrasting this to the period before 2008 economic period.

Three things make U.S. Reserve the ultimate partner in this journey. First, pundits point out that any organization offering an alternative way to the US Dollar must have a good record of accomplishment. Thanks to the Internet, it is easier to check customer reviews.

It is a reality that U.S. Money Reserve has one of the best reviews from individual customers and therefore investing with them is not only safe but also a chance to join more than 400,000 pool of customers.

Second, every client desires to have faster and efficient delivery of any good bought. It is correct to state that this entity is a perfect definition of speed and efficiency in delivering the gold coins. Finally, U.S. Money Reserve is the perfect example of an entity that believes in a buyback guarantee. This policy means therefore that in case one is not satisfied with their decision, there is room to make a difference.

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Also, learn more about US Money Reserve: http://epodcastnetwork.com/u-s-money-reserve/ and https://www.indeed.com/cmp/U.S.-Money-Reserve

Cryptocurrency and Online Gaming by Malcolm Casselle.

Advancements in technology and communication have affected almost all of the other industries. Currently, most functionalities and transactions that could only be done physically, have been moved to the internet and the virtual world. These transactions include money transfer, marketing, buying and selling of goods, gambling and the stock market. Daily there are more transactions joining the virtual world. These services and the need for better than the last systems and protocols to support them have led to the development of a virtual form of money transfer, the cryptocurrency. As a student of MIT and Stanford University, Malcolm CasSelle has a vast knowledge and skills that give him a vantage point when it comes to the incorporation of cryptocurrency in normal business transactions.

Malcolm CasSelle on Gaming and cryptocurrency.

Gaming is one of the online industries that is growing at a very high rate. Online gaming has included different fields over the years including sports betting and online casinos, all of which rely heavily on monetary transactions. In gaming, there are prizes won, mostly in terms of virtual coins that can be exchanged for virtual goods. With that concept, Malcolm CasSelle developed WAX, Worldwide Assets eXchange. WAX operates on the basis of trading virtual assets. It a P2P marketplace built on blockchains and smart contracts that facilitated trade in virtual assets. Through WAX, Malcolm CasSelle is positive that gaming will bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream, computer transaction. Cryptocurrency is virtual money/ currency that is still new in the market but very common in online gaming.

Malcolm CasSelle is a highly skilled entrepreneur and a graduate both Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University in computer science. His skills as a good communicator and leader have seen him found and co-found very successful tech companies. He is the co-founder of Mediapass, a digital subscription solution to a number of companies, Groupon joint venture with China’s Tencent and a gaming social network, Xfire. He Co-founded PCCW, a telecom-based company in Hong Kong, currently worth over 35 billion dollars. He has also played an active investment role in companies like Facebook and Zynga.

How Neurocore Uses Neurofeedback

It may seem hard to believe considering they’re one of the leading authorities on applied neurosciences but Neurocore actually doesn’t know a lot about the history of the neurofeedback they use in their everyday research and development. Dating back to the late 1700’s, Alessandro Volta and Luigi Galvani first observed the effects of neurofeedback on a test subject by attaching frog legs to an iron fence and seeing what happened. They noted that the legs tended to contract whenever a streak of lightning appeared in the sky and deduced that it was being caused by variations in the electrical current. However, they were unable to provide evidence of this until around two decades later. Their findings and research eventually led to the electroencephalogram. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Of course, it’s more commonly shortened and referred to as an EEG which is often used by Neurocore. With this device, scientists are able to use metal discs called electrodes to monitor the brainwaves of their patients after attaching them to their scalps. Initially, this machine was developed to help doctors diagnose and treat patients who may be suffering from epilepsy but, currently, its more common use is to help treat patients who suffer from a variety of neurological disorders such as inflammation of the brain, injuries to the head and a wide array of sleep disorders. It was invented by Hans Berger and he was also one of the first scientists to observe its effects on a human.

View: https://patch.com/florida/miami/neurocore-abridged-history-applied-neurofeedback

In 1927, he decided to test the device on his own son and he documented his discoveries in his 1929 paper aptly entitled About The Human EEG. His findings and research would eventually pave the way for the development of the quantitative electroencephalogram, more commonly known as Qeeg. Nowadays, Neurocore uses this kind of technology to analyze the brainwaves of their patients in an effort to determine the inherent causes of their depression. This helps them to develop the most effective treatment method and, someday, Neurocore even hopes to synthesize a surefire cure for this plight. So we wish them the best of luck in their future research. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The RealReal is taking over the luxury fashion consignment world

Have you ever lusted after that perfect Gucci blouse or chanel purse? Well you’re not alone and The RealReal is finding a way to make these luxury items available to more people. A consignment store for luxury fashion simply makes sense. The RealReal is doing just that online and through their brick and mortar stores as well. All of their items in the store are available online as well. So then the thrill of shopping online has made it’s way into the in-person shopping experience.

The RealReal is committed to authenticating and confirming all their products the real thing. They even educate people on how to spot a fake. In addition, they offer luxury services including sending drivers to collect consignment items. The RealReal is a place to find real brand name luxury items second-hand with real people helping you every step of the way.

As evidenced by their Instagram, The RealReal has a variety of real and unique luxury bags, shoes, sunglasses and clothes. For example, one picture shows an Asian inspired Gucci bag. The bag has a red background with floral print, a gold chain across the top, and of course sports the real Gucci logo. It’s one of a kind and you may never know when someone will swoop in and buy that bag!

The RealReal is helping others discover their style. One of their Instagram pictures is asking their audience if jorts are something they might wear. The picture shows a woman with bold fashion wearing jorts, an oversized button-up shirt and a bold white purse. Such fashion statement pieces can be found at the RealReal online and in their stores.

Since their items often sell quickly, you never know when an item might disappear. While the RealReal may not be for everyone, even knowing that you can consign back luxury items may make the price tag worth it. The RealReal is a unique experience that’s certainly seems worth a second look.

Southridge Capital and What Helped Hundreds of Growing Companies to Success

Dedicated to providing the full spectrum of the most desirable and innovative financial solution, Southridge Capital offers advisory and structured finance options for a diverse group of clients. As a finance solutions firm, Southridge Capital, LLC, has already invested a total of $1.8 billion into the growth of many companies globally since 1996, also having financed over 250 public companies.


Stephen Hicks, CEO and capital of Southridge Capital, guarantees that he and his team have the experience, deep and intuitive understanding of the marketplace, skills and expertise to provide growing companies with the help that will best fit them. Their services include Financial Analysis, Balance Sheet Optimization, Mergers and Acquisition, Restructuring Analysis, Bankruptcy Advice, and Legal Settlement.


Southridge Capital is also known for their advocacies that promote volunteer work and community leadership to provide encouragement and support for the people who are in need. Stephen Hicks and his wife Mary, founded Daystar Foundation that supports several charitable organizations, aspiring to make an impact and a difference in this world. According to Hicks, “Supporting meaningful causes is not only a personal mission that we find extremely fulfilling, but also a corporate and social responsibility.”


According to PR Newswire, Stephen Hicks founded Southridge Capital in 1996 while he was still working for a small NY hedge fund where the principal who had returned to Australia, allowed Hicks to start Southridge on his own while still under him. Hicks believed that experience brings ideas to life, when asked in an interview by Ideamensch. Southridge Capital has already surpassed two decades that companies are coming to them for their assistance and services. Check out scribd.com



One of the worst setbacks that Hicks made regarding Southridge is once investing too much in a company called Petals, which later crumbled and caused him to lose a lot of money. If he had any advice for his old self, it would be to engage less in deals, focus more on cash instead of return and never put good money after bad. Stephen Hick’s current interest revolves around cryptocurrency and marijuana. He believes in the idea of broadcasting cryptocurrency; making a channel or a podcast focusing on it, as it is indeed the next big thing.


U.S. Money Reserve Shows Their Patriotic Side at US Navy Memorial Foundation’s Lone Sailor Awards Dinner

The 2018 Lone Sailor awards dinner was recently held at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., the event is hosted by the United States Naval Memorial Foundation.

In attendance at the annual event were several members of the U.S. Reserve team including the Vice President of Marketing and Communication Jim Warren, the Vice President of Media Christol Farris, Hosea Perkins the Senior Director of Sales, and Jennifer Oliver the Director of Operations.

Christol Farris said, in part, that the U.S. Money Reserve team true values their relationship with the U.S. Navy Memorial, additionally, she indicated how special it was to be able to partner with a group that allows the company to show the immense appreciation for the nations armed forces. Connect with US Reserve on LinkedIn

The partnership between the U.S. Navy Memorial and the U.S. Money Reserve began in 2016 with the launch of its exclusive coin series to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

A portion of the proceeds or donated to the U.S. Navy Memorial, which is a large part provided funds for a Lone Sailor statue at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, which was dedicated last October. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards and US Money Reserve | Facebook

Considered to be one of the capital’s most celebrated events, The United States Navy Memorial Lone Sailor Awards dinner is held to give honor to and celebrate the recipients of the Lone Sailor Award. Each year naval leaders, the Navy Memorial Board of Directors, Washington VIPs, corporate partners, and others gather to celebrate new recipients at the dinner.

The Lone Sailor Award is presented to veterans of the Navy, who have reached the pinnacle of success while serving in the Navy or after exiting the naval services. Award winners will add their names to an already impressive list of men and women who were able to achieve prominence by drawing upon experiences from their time in the Navy. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.yellowpages.com/austin-tx/mip/u-s-money-reserve-inc-481069669 and https://www.bizjournals.com/austin/cotm/detail/545/US_Money_Reserve

Award winners in the past have included Medal of Honor recipients, corporate executives, and professional athletes among others.

The U.S. Reserve has been in business for more than a decade and has more than 400,000 customers. They are one of the biggest distributors of coins issued by the united states government.

Precious metals are often thought of as a safe haven and in the event of terrorist attacks, societal unrest, or other potential problems that could lead to a financial crisis, owning precious metals may be all that stands between you and complete financial disaster.