Rocketship Education program is the key to success.

Rocketship is a non-profit network of public charter schools that serve the communities that are less privileged in accessing excellent learning environments. This program was founded in the year 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith. In 2007, the first flagship school was opened in San Jose, California, and the students performed exemplary well. This encouraged them to open branches in other regions.

Rocketship opened its first public school outside California in 2013 in Milwaukee, and its network has continued to expand to states like Nashville, Tennessee, and Washington DC. Since the program was started, it has continuously been receiving grants from the government and other non-profit organizations to help in the day to day operation.

The Rocketship program believes in unleashing the potential of every learner, by having a personalized learning mode which is led by a teacher. This learning mode makes sure that each learner duly understands the values taught by using the right methods of communication. The learning mode is also technology supported to ensure that the right method of study is used. Parents are allowed to visit the schools and schedule meetings with teachers. This helps them to understand the school environment, which creates a healthy relationship between the school, parents, student, and the entire community.

The Rocketship public schools greatly emphasize the involvement of the parents and the community in the school activities. By doing this, Rocketship develops a generation that is responsible, respectful, hardworking, and kind with a bright future. The teachers are well equipped, trained and thoroughly interviewed to ensure they give the best to their students.

The Rocketship program main mission is to bridge the achievement gap in children from less fortunate backgrounds. All Learners are accommodated in the program and are treated equally despite their race and ethnicity. Children with special needs and those living with disability are also encouraged to apply to the program as it offers a convenient environment for them.

The Rocketship education is an ongoing program, with an objective of transforming the livelihoods of children from less privileged backgrounds.

Jose Hawilla and The Necessary Attributes Required To Succeed As A Business Leader

There are many empirical studies today that explain what makes a good business leader and what are the common attributes that give rise to a successful entrepreneur. Some would say that there should be a lot of risk-taking attitude in an entrepreneur for them to succeed. It is also important for the businessperson to have the drive to accumulate wealth and to have a desire to have an impact in the world. Sometimes, it’s also just the itch to achieve something and to hit an aim. Most business successes don’t have an aim, but they’re successful anyway, and that makes the study of what makes a businessman a bit more complicated.

In most authority articles online, we may find out that some of the things that form a good business leader are their courage to make a difference and their leadership skills. A good leader is able to command a large group of people, inspire them to do action and make them feel that their opinions are respected. These are things that usually don’t get noticed when one is training to become a businessperson, and these things, therefore, tend to be overlooked. However, it should be noted that for a business leader to succeed, a consideration of these factors should be a priority. You can visit quora

It was also commonly said by experts that those who talk should do and only those who do should talk. This is also one important factor in becoming a successful businessman. One should not rely too much on books, or what experts may call as noise. It’s always in the doing where everything is made clear and tangible. That said, one of the few people today who does things and not just says things are Jose Hawilla. Check out to see more.

The Journalist Turned Entrepreneur

You may have heard of the name Jose Hawilla as a reference to the marketing company called Traffic. Traffic is a company that’s responsible for the development of various football teams in Brazil. Being the CEO and Founder of Traffic, Hawilla helps companies and clients increase their exposure and leads.

With Jose Hawilla’s trained eye on marketing from his journalistic experience, Jose is now able to offer his skills to clients who need the kind of exposure that standard media companies give.

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Banco Bradesco Has New Board Members And A New CEO So What’s Next For The Bank?

Banco Bradesco may be changing their mission in 2018, according to some of the information coming out of the bank’s headquarters. Lázaro de Mello Brandão the patriarch of the bank is finally calling it quits after a long and successful banking career. Brandão gets a lot of credit for holding the bank together when founder Amador Aguiar passed in 1991. He has a reputation for being a capable as well as an honest banker, gave the bank the credibility to weather some of the political and economic storms that Brazil is famous for.

Brandão is also responsible for hiring Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi in 1969 when other bankers thought his resume wasn’t banking material. Mr. Brandão took a chance when Cappi was in the bank’s training program, and that chance is still paying off. Cappi is taking Brandão’s place as the bank’s chairman, and Octavio Lazari, another former bank office boy, will be the new president and CEO.

Cappi is 67 now, so he is too old to be the CEO because of the CEO age cap. But he is just getting started as the Chairman. And if he follows his predecessor, he’ll be making bank decisions for years to come. Trabuco Cappi is not the typical banker who relies on his finance education or his accounting prowess to lead the bank. Cappi has a quick mind, and he knows people, thanks to his degrees in Philosophy and psychology. He finished his degrees in University of Sao Paolo. Luiz and Lazari have a good working relationship, but Cappi has a good working relationship with all the members of his executive team. Lazari is the current executive vice-president of Seguros, the bank’s insurance arm. Cappi held that position from 2003 to 2009. The six other candidates for CEO gave Lazari serious competition, but in the end, Brandão and Cappi thought Lazari’s credentials and work ethic fit the bank’s mission.

Read more: Bradesco: New president to leave executive body, says Trabuco

Mr. Lazari started as an office boy in 1978, after graduating from the College of Economics and Administration of Osasco. He also majored in Financial Strategies and Marketing at Fundação Instituto de Administração. In 1998, Lazari was in the credit department. He was able to become a credit officer responsible for small, and medium-size companies. In 2010, he got the Department Officer title. He was in charge of the loans and financing. In 2012, he was on the board of the Executive Officers, and in 2017, Cappi gave Lazari the Seguros job.

Lazari will officially become the CEO at the March 12, 2018 shareholders meeting. Four of the candidates for the CEO position will be part of the bank’s Board of Directors. Those men are executive vice presidents Domingos Abreu, Alexandre Glüher, Josué Pancini, and Maurício Minas.

Investors expect Lazari and Cappi to stay on course and expand the bank’s digital footprint in Brazil. They also expect the bank stock to be one of best picks in 2018. But there are internal issues to address, according to Cappi. Bradesco has too many bank branches in certain parts of the country, thanks to the 2015 HSBC acquisition. And those branches could be a profit drain in 2018. It gives the bank the position as second largest bank in Brazil.


Who is Doe Deere?

Doe Deere was born in Russia, but moved to New York at the age of seventeen to study fashion design. In 2008, she started her own cosmetics line called, “Lime Crime” which is a makeup line of unicorn colored cosmetics. She was the first person in 2008 to have a successful cosmetics company online.


Doe now lives in Los Angeles, California where she creates her unique bold colored makeup. Her makeup is cruelty free, and vegan. Lime crime sells a variety of products such as; eye shadow pallets, liquid liners in rainbow colors, matte lipstick in several different shades, nail polish, chrome lipstick, loose pigments, glittery lip gloss, and highlighter. One of Lime crimes newest additions to the website, is the brand new semi permanent hair dye. This new hair dye offers several different colors, and most of them are unicorn colors and are bold.


Doe became inspired to start this makeup line, when she created her own clothing and wanted makeup to match her outfits. She loved fairytales and makeup, so she combined the two and created this makeup brand so that everyone could enjoy the fun in wearing makeup. The mascot of her products is a unicorn, which represents individuality, and rare beauty. The Lime crime brands color is purple, which according to Doe, represents creativity.


It didn’t take her long to start making a profit off of this makeup line. She launched the products in 2008, and started promoting them on social media with makeup tutorials, and by 2009 her sales were really picking up, and the rest was history!


Doe started out with a clothing line called, “Lime Crime,” but as soon as she started creating makeup she fell in love with it and stuck with her true passion. She never looked back again after pursuing what she absolutely loved.


She created a blog and in this blog she featured makeup tutorials, giveaways, and fantasy style accessories, and through these things she created a fan base. Business picked up, and now, Lime Crime has over three million followers.


She believes that makeup should make you feel happy. She also believes that the makeup color you choose should bring out the best version of yourself. She always used makeup as a way of self expression and hoped that others would do the same.


She created Lime Crime to also be different than the other makeup products in a way which gave her products a fantasy twist. She makes sure that her products are at the top of the line. She tests out her products, and if she won’t wear the products she creates, then she simply won’t sell them.


Doe has had a massive amount of success with Lime Crime, and she plans on creating more daring products in the near future! She plans on chasing even bigger dreams and fantasies than she ever has before! Learn more:

Securus Technologies Wows Customers

I came across the most interesting article on prison technology security. When I think about prisons, I typically think about what it takes to get people that commit crime into prisons. I never really thought about the technology it takes to keep prisoners inside the prison and, even more, to prevent crimes inside of prisons.


Securus Technologies, a prison technology company, recently released a press release that discussed how the company’s technology had helped prevent crimes inside of prison walls. Securus offers a huge variety of prison technology. The company offers everything from cell phone monitoring to technology that prevents contraband cell phones from connecting to illegal wireless services. A huge amount of damage can be done if a cell phone can connect to a wireless signal.


Among the testimonials were some that explained how monitored cell phone calls were able to be used. For example, a call was monitored between two brothers, one of which was an inmate. The inmate was attempting to coerce his brother to provide him with a fake alibi. Because the call was monitored, the prosecution was able to use it against the inmate to help secure a conviction. Cases like these are truly proof of how technology like Securus can be used in a greatly positive way.


Another great example came from a Sherriff’s Department. The testimonial shared how Securus’ Location Based Services helped them to find over $100 million in illegal drugs, firearms and stolen assets that had been stolen. An additional quote was just a simple testament to how the Location Based Services technology was a benefit to the prison.


I found this article fascinating. Not only is Securus Technologies preventing potential crimes inside prison walls, but actually solving crimes outside prison walls. It’s amazing to see how far technology has brought us.


Roberto Santiago Is Brazil’s Economic Planner

Roberto Santiago is an innovative businessman, humanitarian, and entrepreneur who loves his native land of Brazil. Mr. Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa Joao which is the capital of Paraiba in Brazil. His love for his country began after he graduated from the Pio X-Marist College where he received a Master’s Degree and a Business Administration degree from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He immediately founded a lucrative business that made paper and cardboard products in order to help his fellow countryman become employed and boost the economy of Brazil.


Roberto has a great business acumen and he continually thinks of business ideas to help Brazilians. As a result, Roberto Santiago purchased a piece of land in 1987 which is now the home of a multi-level shopping mall called The Manaira Mall. It took Santiago two years to complete the largest mall in Paraiba. Again, thinking about the Brazilian landscape and what he can do to improve his beautiful country, The Manaira Mall was designed with upscale shops and chef-inspired dining establishments.


Roberto Santiago enjoys inspiring and mentoring young Brazilian youths. Mr. Santiago talks to them about becoming entrepreneurs and owning their own businesses to further support the Brazilian economy. As a prominent business owner, Roberto Santiago established The College of Higher Education of Paraiba that is located within The Manaira Mall.


The local residents of Paraiba call the Manaira Mall, a city within a city. The Manaira Mall is beautifully landscaped with local artwork and regional symbols that emphasizes the history and future of Brazil. Additional attractions located within the Manaira Mall includes banks, chic bars and nightclubs, upscale restaurants, a food court, bowling alley, 3-D movies, and a large family gaming arena.


Mr. Santiago also placed a concert hall atop the mall’s rooftop. The concert hall is called The Domus Hall. Roberto designed Domus Hall to attract international entertainers to its stages that may not have considered performing in Brazil. The Domus Hall is also used for local celebratory events, like fairs, graduations, weddings, and many other types of cultural celebrations.


The Manaira Mall was not the only successful real estate venture for Roberto. He further developed the Mangeira Mall in Joao Pessoa which is a smaller mall than The Manaira. Both malls employ hundreds of Brazilians and are filled with family fun and entertainment. Roberto Santiago accomplished what he always intended, which was to increase the prominence of Brazil’s social and economic status.


Both enterprising malls have increased the value of the surrounding properties. The success of these real estate investments has inspired large companies and corporate investors to develop businesses or they have relocated to the Paraiba location. Mr. Santiago is not resting on his laurels. He intends to continue developing and growing industry businesses which will inspire tourism, sales, and leisure entertainment.


Omar Boraie is a Proud Pop Pop

Just like the days leading up to the French revolution, we see the lower class grow in anger toward the upper class. The upper class, those who are corporate leaders and millionaires, are the recipients of much anger and hostility at this time. The lower class see the upper class as the cause of all of their woes. It is the upper classes taking our money. It is the upper class that is preventing us from coming up the latter. It is the upper class that is causing all of this evil.

I believe that there are many people in the upper class who are sinful human beings. I do not believe Sam Boraie is one of those people, however. Omar Boraie has been like a father to the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Everyone in that city loves this man for all that he has done.

According to New Jersey Stage, Omar Boraie has been able to turn around the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Omar Boraie spoke with the powerhouses that be in the city and develop a four-step plan to make New Brunswick a thriving city he knew it could be. He first wanted to start by making the place the kind of city that families wanted to call home. The second part of his plan he wanted to keep jobs in the local area. The third part of his plan he wanted to get a coalition together that would make New Brunswick their number one priority. The fourth, and last, part of his plan was to entice young professionals to set up shop in his area. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Omar Boraie enacted the first part of his four-step plan by reaching out to the State Theater with a proposal. He proposed that the theater would provide the space for him to show movies to the public. Seven movies in all were shown to families, and Omar Boraie covered all cost of admission. The last report said 7500 people were blessed. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms.

Omar Boraie enacted the second step of his four-part plan by convincing Johnson and Johnson to stay in the city.

Omar Boraie then enacted the third step of his four-part plan by reaching out to the movers and shakers of New Brunswick.

Lastly, Omar Boraie enacted the fourth step of his plan by donating $150 million of class a office space to the city of New Brunswick.


Why are A/B testing results Beneficial to Site Owners?

Running a site is not as simple as some people may think. Even if the site has all of the bells and whistles that make the site look aesthetically pleasing, running a profitable site has many different challenges that have to be overcome. Because the profits of any site are based on how high conversion rates rise, the owners and their representatives must be familiar with how to manage a site properly after it has been launched to the public. Fortunately, there is a lot of invaluable information on all of the latest marketing strategies that can be used. Some of the most notable and beneficial include the use of A/B testing, especially as this kind of testing relates to the incorporation of artificial intelligence. With this in mind, if business owners want to know if A/B testing is really one of the best ways to go today, here are some of its top benefits.

  1. Accurate and Reliable Data

Whenever a site is being tested for performance, there are several concerns that the site owner and their representatives should consider in advance. Because the tests must be reliable, the tests results must also be as accurate as possible. So, for those business owners who are concerned about using a test that will meet this requirement, A/B testing should be one of the top choices. This is because A/B testing scenarios are ideal for running testing simultaneous using the same audience on the site. Therefore, the time that each test is run can eliminate the possibilities of varying results because of different time zones etc.


  1. Makes Comparisons between current and suggested new marketing campaign

The marketing teams can compare the newly proposed marketing campaigns to the present campaign to see which one is better before investing any money or time. For instance, if the new campaign is better, the conversion rates will be significantly better than the current. Therefore, the decision to change from the old to the new marketing plan will be based on real data.

  1. Saves Time and Money

Another great benefit of using A/B testing is it saves time and money. This is because these tests are performed at the exact same time with the same technical resources. Therefore, these tests will not only save time in performing the test twice but also money too in having to pay for the testing resources more than one time.

Paul Wesley Proves He is About More Than Just “The Vampire Diaries”

paul wesley

Paul Wesley is well-known to fans of supernatural fiction for his role as Stefan in “The Vampire Diaries” which has seen the actor become one of the best-known actors in Hollywood. Throughout his career, Paul Wesley has looked to extend his work as an actor and for his many varied roles behind the camera; not only is Paul Wesley a well-known actor but he has also made his name as a producer and director on TV and for movies.

Paul Wesley

Although he may be best-known for his role as Stefan in “The Vampire Diaries”, Wesley has also become known for his daring attitude to imploding the image his well-known TV character has created. On stage, Wesley has become a major part of many productions exploring some of the toughest experiences facing humans including the loss of a loved one in his role in the play, “Cal In Camo”; despite not having experienced any loss similar to that experienced by his character of Flynt, Paul Wesley has enjoyed the role and been acclaimed critically for his performance in the play.

Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley has been exploring more than just his acting potential as he believes his work as a producer and director is also giving him another form of artistic freedom. The actor has directed an episode of “The Vampire Diaries” as he set out to add a further string to his bow as an artistic person. It is through his work as a producer that Paul Wesley is continuing to further his artistic ambitions which include his work on “Before I Disappear” which was based on the Oscar-winning short movie by actor-director Shawn Christensen.

Paul Wesley

Premier Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar provides the latest plastic surgery approaches and techniques to patients at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas. He is also affiliated with other medical institutions in the area, including the Pine Creek Medical Center. This board-certified plastic surgeon focuses on both reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. In addition, he has published in multiple medical journals to share his expertise with his colleagues and researchers.


Dr. Jejurikar started his journey into plastic surgery by graduating from the University of Michigan Medical School. He also received subspecialty education in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.


He is one of the top-ranked doctors in the nation due to his patient reviews. Very few physicians receive the Compassionate Doctor Certification, but he received it in 2012. Only three percent of active doctors received this certification in 2012. It is given to those whose bedside manner and overall scores are nearly perfect. Patients vote on these.


Dr. Jejurikar works with a very diverse array of patients and he provides multiple plastic surgery options. He primarily focuses on cosmetic procedures, but also works in hand surgery, reconstructive procedures and the heavily intricate microsurgery. As for his patient base, he uses his skills to aid those of all socioeconomic levels, including who cannot afford to pay for plastic or reconstructive surgery.


He takes an annual trip to Bangladesh as part of a medical mission for Smile Bangladesh. This organization is a nonprofit that works to aid those with facial cleft deformities in many areas of the world.