Marc Sparks: A Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

While he may not have attended College, Marc Sparks has created an outstanding career as a serial entrepreneur. Marc has participated in establishing startups. Most of the startups that he has ventured in have been successful while others are downright disastrous.



According to Sparks, people experience challenges in life to learn and to understand the responsibilities that they have to the society. Through his mistakes, Marc has been able to create successful businesses. Learn more:



Marc is passionate about building businesses. He takes a business idea, designs business strategy and then executes the idea. Marc has maintained a portfolio of businesses that he runs through his Timber Creek Capital.



What sets Marc apart from most entrepreneurs is his leadership skills. He leads by example and motivates his employees to achieve their best. Marc has also created an open leadership model that allows most of his employees to work with him directly. Learn more:



Marc has attributed his success in business to his time management skills, his tenacity, focus, passion, and faith. He also says he is not afraid to fail which is what has given him a competitive edge.

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Over the years, Marc has gained skills and knowledge in entrepreneurship. It his expertise in startups that led him to write and publish his book ‘They Can’t Eat You.’ This is a book that documents not only his success in business but also his failures. According to Sparks, it is easy for people to learn from his mistakes than success. In his book, he has included the story about how he created an insurance company and lost it after 90 days. His book is for all entrepreneurs that have lost hope in business.



Outside of his work, Marc engages in different projects that are designed to benefit the community. He has partnered with the Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter. The shelter rescues the homeless people. Marc states that the organization seeks to give people a ‘hand up’ and not a ‘hand out.’ This method of operation is what helps the people want a better life. The Samaritan Inn takes in 160 residents and provides them shelter for five months. In those five months, the residents are taken through various programs in counseling, family services, financial education, and job placements.



Marc has partnered with the Habitat for Humanity. This is an organization that builds home for the needy. He has a foundation that gives new computers to children from needy homes to help them break out of poverty.



Marc has hobbies that he engages in to relax. He loves to golf and go fishing, hiking, biking, and hunting. Marc also loves to work out and to travel. He once traveled around the world in 23 days.




The Impeccable And Highly Deserved Reputation Of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has built a reputation by providing assistance to their clients in a wide range of industries. Their ability to understand the demands and uniqueness of their clients needs has allowed them to offer precise recommendations and careful analysis that have benefited their clients.


Madison Street Capital reputation originally began when the company was founded in 2005. They are a banking firm specializing in middle market investments. They provide a wide range of financial services to their clients including business valuation, financial opinions directed at middle market companies, corporate advisory, and financial reporting valuations.


Madison Street Capitals goal is to provide all of their clients with the best possible services for mergers, acquisitions, and advisory purposes. Their invaluable assistance to their clients is possible because of their understanding of the company’s value. An essential part of their process is to have an accurate understanding of the possible opportunities for a company’s future and their current status.


Many of the owners of middle market companies struggle when they try to locate a service for advisement on corporate finances. Finding the right company to suit their individual needs presents a challenge for most companies. There are a lot of banking firms specializing in middle management in operation and it can be quite overwhelming for the owners of middle market business companies. A reliable advisor must be located prior to the actual work beginning.


Madison Street Capital represents the solution for companies who require favorable lending practices, acquisitions, or a sound exit strategy. The company is backed with a history of reliability, excellence, an incredible reputation. They have led the field of financial middle market services for more than a decade.


Madison Street Capital maintains offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. Their knowledge of valuation services, mergers and acquisitions, independence, and corporate governance extends on a domestic and international basis. Madison Street Capital provides the experience, knowledge, and outreaching relationships that give buyers and sellers the connections they need. Their ability to find the right match for the required capitalization and financing is customized for the unique situation of every client.

Alexandre Gama’s Neogama History

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian entrepreneur who is a creative professional operating in the communications and advertising industry. Gama started his own sports advertising agency called Neogama back in 1999, and in 2008 he attended his first Master Class as the first Latin American presenter to ever speak at the event. Neogama has been massively successful in its first three years in business it was the fastest-growing sports marketing and advertising company in all of Brazil. Meio e Mensagem newspaper also named Neogama the “Agency of the Year” in 2002, which became the youngest organization to date to ever receive this word. Soon afterward in 2003, Neogama was the first Brazilian agency to win two “Golden Lions” awards in the same year in two main categories including press and film both. In 2012, Neogama, as well as fellow company BBH, were both acquired by a group called the Publicis Group. After this, in 2016 the Neogama group left the Publicis Group again to focus on only advertising and working for teams and companies within Brazil, effectively becoming independent all over again.

Vijay Eswaran’s Approach To Marketing in India

In order for a business to be success, one has to be willing and able to market. Now, when people think about marketing, the common image is that of someone putting together ads in order to show audiences with the hopes of gaining customers. This is a small part of marketing. The truth is that marketing is a very broad term. Read more: In the Sphere of Silence (English and Dutch Edition) and Vijay Eswaran in Forbes Philanthropy Heroes list

There are plenty of different ways to market to people. The main thing to do is figure out where the right audience is and then how to reach these people in ways that get them wanting to do business with the company.

Vijay Eswaran’s approach to marketing is very ethical. He does not seek to gain customers through spamming. However, he does have a thick skin and is persistent because he believes in his cause. One thing he and his company does which is very effective when it comes to marketing is actually engage in communities.

Among the platforms they use are social media accounts. They use these accounts in order to meet the community that they believe their business is relevant to and engage them in their conversations. Instead of trying to advertise, they talk about the topic that is being discussed.

This is one of the most ethical ways to build a brand. For one thing, the marketer is going to gain followers in an organic way because he will share insights on the topic. Vijay Eswaran also has the option of the type of mood he wants to give his audience. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

For instance, if he wants to present the image of someone who is positive and even humorous, this will definitely attract followers which he could market to so that they will want to visit his site. Another thing he can do to go along with the engagement is talk about his business plan.

Business Prodigy Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is well known for his involvement in the Vera Wang Fashion Company. Before his separation from Wang, he was greatly involved in the company and developed a further understanding for business than he already had. For most people, a separation would set them back, but for Becker it seemed to shoot him forward in his progress. You can visit Crunchbase to know more.

The Vera Wang Fashion Company wasn’t his only successful venture. He has been the CEO of many companies, and already had a vast understanding of the technology world. That is, after all, where he made his fortune.

In 2003 he was the CEO of NaviSite, a technology company, and began his real estate company, Madison Partners, LLC. His inspiration is credited to his work with the Vera Wang Fashion company, where he learned about the creative aspects of business. Learning that you can create something people love and make money on it.

More details can be found on Huffington Post, Arthur Becker makes his money by essentially flipping properties to make a profit. He fixes up buildings that have room for improvement and either sells or leases them. According to Becker, he was almost immediately profitable in technology, and that in turn helped him in his real estate venture. He has amassed trusted customers in his career and several of them have carried over to his new company. His experience and business acquaintances have made him wildly successful in the real estate world as well. You can visit Ideamensch for more info.

Mr. Becker has experience in multiple fields, and has proven time and time again that he strives for greatness. Everything he touches turns to gold and is fated to be a success. He has proven that hard work and dedication really does pay off. There is no doubt that Arthur Becker will continue to surprise and wow the world with his ventures for years to come. More details can be found on Inspirery.


Securus Technologies, Inc. Completes Transaction to Acquire JPay Inc.

Securus Technologies Company is one of the most prominent companies dealing in the issuance of technological solutions to the inmate industry. For over three decades of professional experience, the company as worked to develop fast income in a manner that is not anticipated in the industry. For this reason, no one knows how to develop fast income to generate better business deals in the capacities associated with better business solutions. Securus Technologies Company has always admired the services offered by JPay Technologies. For this reason, they delight in the fact that they will unite to form the common force for good.


Securus Technologies Company has always assimilated fast income in the industry to accelerate its business through fostered business solutions. For this reason, they ended up working to achieve the best business results. For those who are willing to achieve the business solutions, no one knows how to develop fast income in the industry. Securus Technologies Company is also increasing as a prominent company structured to develop fast income and working solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For over three decades, Securus Technologies Company has always been the market leader in the issuance of technological solutions. However, they have been facing steep competition from JPay Technologies.


JPay Technologies is a company that develops fast income in a way that is not paralleled in this industry. JPay also works to serve over 33 inmate facilities in the industry. For over one decade of professional experience, JPay is considered as the leader in the issuance of fats income in a manner that facilitates better business solutions. Securus Technologies Company has also worked with the company to acquire its services before they enter the market. When Securus Technologies Company acquires JPay Technologies, it will become the fastest growing company in the United States.

Doe Deere is a Productive Entrepreneur That Shares Her Vision

Wisdom is something that often comes when people get out and try something new. In one way or another people are going to have to branch out, do things they have never done and make waves in order to learn what they are good at. Doe Deere is something that started on eBay, but she realized that this was not for her. She also formed a clothing line at one time, but she would realize that this was not what she wanted to do for life. She was wise enough to see that there was a future in cosmetics with her Lime Crime brand, and that is what she would pursuit.

When Doe Deere started the Lime Crime brand in 2008, almost a decade prior, she was told that she would never be able to successfully sell cosmetics online. Doe Deere stated that experts in the cosmetics field stated that cosmetics would only work in brick and mortar stores because people wanted to try the makeup on. She listened to what these so-called experts were saying, but she did not let this change her mind about what she wanted to do. She brought forth a standard, and she moved forth to build a very colorful brand of cosmetics that would make people see lipstick in a whole new way. She knew that she had something to offer, and she believed that she could do this with Generation Z. She felt that since she was now in an era of consumers that grew up with computers and the Internet that there was a greater chance to reach more people through social media.

The experts may have predicted the old trends of how consumers used to purchase makeup, but Doe Deere has obviously predicted brand new trends. She has become the leader that would reach out to the Generation Z crowd and market her brand successfully. It did not really matter much that others may not have believed in what she could do. What Doe Deere realized was that she had a vision, and she wanted to carry this vision out. She wanted to create the ultimate shopping experience for consumers that were looking for the most obscure concepts in cosmetics. Online shoppers of brands like Lime Crime would be able to see others wearing this makeup through Instagram. These are the types of social media campaigns that would build brand awareness.

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How Evolution Of Smooth Cornered The Market

How This All Started Out

The most important thing to understand about Evolution of Smooth is that this brand was created by people who clearly understood exactly what they were trying to get when they decided they wanted to enter the lip balm market. They didn’t want to simply make a product that had no chance of taking the top prize. They wanted something that would compete and they found that something in Evolution of Smooth. Target young women specifically; this brand managed to make itself something that nobody would have expected it to become.

How Young Women Made It Blow Up

Many people assumed prior to the research conducted by Evolution of Smooth that lip balm was used by men and women in similar rates. This was proven false by the research that Evolution of Smooth conducted. Women are using lip balm at far higher rates than men even though the products they use are not actually intended for their exclusive use. Creating a brand with a focus on Millennial women was a natural choice and it’s clear that the results have paid off big time for EOS lip balm.

The Future Of Evolution Of Smooth

The future of Evolution of Smooth ( is in the creation of new products aimed at taking over new markets. Their efforts have focused on the creation of lotions and shaving creams around the Evolution of Smooth brand on Costco. This has been successful so far, but they want to aim for something much greater in the future. There is simply too much to gain and too little to lose. When you build a brand this great most people expect the ability to enjoy what they have made. Evolution of Smooth is all about changing how we think about lip balm for good.

Richard Mishaan Design Continues to Make Its Mark in NYC and Abroad

This marks the 45th year that the best architects and designers in the United States renovate one of the most expensive homes in New York. This time, it was a 35-foot-wide townhome worth $26.8 million and built by Charles Platt. The location was previously the China Institute in America. The experts who works on the home remodel were asked about common interior design mistakes that men make, and here are a few helpful tips they provided.


Designer Richard Mishaan recommends showcasing souvenirs and unique treasures you’ve collected from traveling abroad. He shares that an animal skin rug or a mask of cultural significance make for interesting conversation pieces and can lend a pop of color and character to any room in the home. While these items can give the impression that you’re well-traveled and have a modern sense of style, it’s best not to showcase certain souvenirs, like the collection of shot glasses you collected during spring break.


Mishaan has also recently released his second book “Artfully Modern,” in which he showcases some of his most impressive work. While the veteran designer often works with very wealthy clients, and even worked on revamping the suites at St. Regis in 2010, he advises against spending too much money when it’s not necessary.


Richard states that it actually bothers him when clients decide not to use an accessory or furniture piece because it isn’t expensive enough. Mishaan asserts that finding the right design ( is more about having an eye for pieces that will work, and doesn’t have to involve spending lots of money. Even though Mishaan uses some of the finest materials to craft specialized decor for clients, he admits that he’s had the same couches for over 20 years. His Greenwich Village design store, Homer, also sells a number of quality home decor items for under $100, which is beneficial for those who want to get a few signature pieces to complete a room’s unique or colorful decor.


Planning A Party Or A Major Corporate Event? 3 Things You Need To Know

You might not be in the same class as event planners in NYC; but you can create a very captivating, memorable and comfortable social gathering in your own home by beginning with these 3 things:


SUBHEADING: Organization is Key


This is something that very successful people do all the time; make lists. Ideally, you want to a master list with such items as ‘Invitations’ and ‘Food’ and ‘Beverage’ etc. The master list then lets you create the other lists which will be much more detailed. With the ‘Sub-list’ of’Beverage,’ for example, You could make a check list of the types of beverages, ice, glassware, large serving bowl or just an open bar and bring to mind even the simplest but, important things such as, ‘Where am I going to put trash cans if I’m using plastic cups?’


SUBHEADING: Keep It Simple


If you keep the plan for your party, or an important social gathering with a need to impress, simple; there is less that can go wrong. You can always add something later, but whatever event your planning, the key is the execution. If it’s too complex and one thing falls flat it will create a domino effect.


Unless this is a mystery theater type event or something that it is really focused on the entertainment; you don’t want to overwhelm your guests. Let them relax and engage in conversation with each other. In a relaxed and natural, a more ‘Open’ atmosphere, there is a better chance that your guests that have never met before will become involved in conversation and get to know each other.


SUBHEADING: Corporate Events or Other Large Scale and Focused Events


If you are having corporate event or any event that is crucial to exactly how it is panned and how it flows from the very beginning to the end; ‘Twenty Three Layers’ is one of the top event planning companies in NYC. They will work with you to understand what you want and then give you a few options on how to create a stylish event; an evening that your guests will talk about long after it’s over.


Whether it is in your home, or a place you already have in mind; they will handle things like, catering, floral design, invitations, etc. Well established as corporate event planners in NYC, they also understand that your corporate event is how people will see your company. ‘Twenty Three Layers’ understands that ‘Branding’ is the key word and they understand from that very first contact of your guests opening an invitation, to how they feel entering the venue of the event, to their experience during the event, to the importance of those last two minutes when your guests leave; (In other words; don’t let the coat check fail you.) every nuance is important.