Southridge Capital and What Helped Hundreds of Growing Companies to Success

Dedicated to providing the full spectrum of the most desirable and innovative financial solution, Southridge Capital offers advisory and structured finance options for a diverse group of clients. As a finance solutions firm, Southridge Capital, LLC, has already invested a total of $1.8 billion into the growth of many companies globally since 1996, also having financed over 250 public companies.


Stephen Hicks, CEO and capital of Southridge Capital, guarantees that he and his team have the experience, deep and intuitive understanding of the marketplace, skills and expertise to provide growing companies with the help that will best fit them. Their services include Financial Analysis, Balance Sheet Optimization, Mergers and Acquisition, Restructuring Analysis, Bankruptcy Advice, and Legal Settlement.


Southridge Capital is also known for their advocacies that promote volunteer work and community leadership to provide encouragement and support for the people who are in need. Stephen Hicks and his wife Mary, founded Daystar Foundation that supports several charitable organizations, aspiring to make an impact and a difference in this world. According to Hicks, “Supporting meaningful causes is not only a personal mission that we find extremely fulfilling, but also a corporate and social responsibility.”


According to PR Newswire, Stephen Hicks founded Southridge Capital in 1996 while he was still working for a small NY hedge fund where the principal who had returned to Australia, allowed Hicks to start Southridge on his own while still under him. Hicks believed that experience brings ideas to life, when asked in an interview by Ideamensch. Southridge Capital has already surpassed two decades that companies are coming to them for their assistance and services. Check out



One of the worst setbacks that Hicks made regarding Southridge is once investing too much in a company called Petals, which later crumbled and caused him to lose a lot of money. If he had any advice for his old self, it would be to engage less in deals, focus more on cash instead of return and never put good money after bad. Stephen Hick’s current interest revolves around cryptocurrency and marijuana. He believes in the idea of broadcasting cryptocurrency; making a channel or a podcast focusing on it, as it is indeed the next big thing.